ILLIT’s Wonhee will be limiting her participation in the group’s upcoming scheduled activities due to an ankle injury.

On June 14, BELIFT LAB announced that Wonhee had injured her ankle earlier this week and had been advised by a doctor to wear a brace and “minimize any excessive movement.”

As a result, even though Wonhee will be joining the rest of ILLIT on stage at the upcoming 2024 Weverse Con Festival, she will remain seated during their performance without participating in the choreography.

BELIFT LAB also stated that Wonhee’s participation in the rest of ILLIT’s upcoming activities will be adjusted based on her condition and recovery.

The agency’s full English statement is as follows:


We would like to provide you with some information on ILLIT member Wonhee’s health and her upcoming schedule.

Wonhee sustained an injury in her ankle while filming content earlier this week and has since received medical attention. The medical staff advised that she wear a brace and minimize any excessive movements. Wonhee will be able to participate in the AliExpress 2024 Weverse Con Festival performance, however she will remain seated on stage without participating in the choreography. Thank you very much for your generous understanding.

The artist is highly determined to attend all of the group’s prearranged engagements; however, her participation will be adjusted depending on the circumstances, placing her recovery as the topmost priority as recommended by the medical staff.

We will do our best to aid in Wonhee’s treatment and recovery so that she can return in full health to her fans as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

Wishing Wonhee the speediest of recoveries!