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Despite emerging amidst a brewing storm within HYBE labels, the new K-pop group ILLIT, produced directly by HYBE’s chairman Bang Si Hyuk, has shown pride in their debut album. On a recent episode of SBS Radio’s Cultwo Show, ILLIT members Yunah, Minju, Moka, and Wonhee—Iroha was absent due to personal reasons—discussed their early success and the pride they feel in their work.

ILLIT, a Belift Lab artist, has quickly risen to fame with their debut single Magnetic, which not only dominated domestic music charts but also marked an unprecedented entry for a K-pop group’s debut song on the Billboard Hot 100.

Reflecting on their swift rise to fame, Moka shared, “It’s so surreal. It hasn’t even been a month since we debuted, and to receive so much love is truly heartwarming.” Minju chimed in, “It still feels like a dream to see our song on the charts, and I’m incredibly grateful.”

Yunah expressed her gratitude towards the company: “I want to thank everyone at the company again. Everyone at Belift Lab knows how much effort went into our album. That’s a fact that won’t change, and I’m really proud of it. Also, thank you to all the HYBE staff for consistently believing in and supporting us. We will continue to work even harder.”

The radio appearance by ILLIT was particularly significant given recent public disputes between HYBE and ADOR’s Min Hee Jin. Min Hee Jin has accused Bang Si Hyuk’s ILLIT of copying her group NewJeans, leading to fears that ILLIT could be collateral damage in the ongoing conflict. However, ILLIT maintained their composure and focused on their achievements during the broadcast.

Amidst these internal conflicts, HYBE recently demanded the resignation of Min Hee Jin after allegations of an attempted takeover of management rights, which Min Hee Jin’s representatives have denied, claiming the accusations are purely retaliatory.


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