On a dark night, a mysterious corpse was stolen, and the man next to him was also frightened and fled the scene in a hurry. It was after this corpse was stolen that the root of the curse buried in the last Jiashen year began to reappear. , All of a sudden, the situation in the world rose again.

When it was daytime, the young man who passed by the tomb at night also pulled the old man beside him and told him about the horrible things that happened last night.

On the other side, the hostess in the university stood on the stage and talked about Senior Wu to the audience vividly. However, the audience also cooperated and gave warm applause to welcome the senior. Arrived, at this time, Zhang Chulan himself rushed to the front desk first, and then he hurriedly helped the senior continue to lay the red carpet forward. At this time, as a little transparent, he could only He could continue to let the other party do whatever he wanted, and when Senior Wu came up to the front desk to start his speech, Zhang Chulan’s mobile phone next to him suddenly broke the beautiful atmosphere.

After that, the other party hurried out to answer the phone. Zhang Chulan was the first to not believe it after learning the news that his grandfather’s body had been stolen from the phone, and planned to hang up the phone. However, at this moment, he suddenly thought of something Seemingly, he hurriedly got into the car going home and hurried on his way.

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Just when he got off the car, he suddenly saw a woman of unknown origin from another car, jumped out of the car, introduced herself in public, and told about knowing Grandpa Zhang Chulan, while Zhang Chulan herself stood On the side, he tried his best to deny it after listening, but after he saw the firm gaze of the person in front of him, he began to hesitate again.

At this time, the village head also took the photo handed over by the strange woman, carefully looked at the people inside, and found that it was somewhat similar to it. After he explained everything, he took the other villagers and left, and planned to keep Zhang Chulan Reminiscing with his relatives.

After that, Zhang Chulan came to his grandfather’s grave alone again, and made him a braised big elbow to miss him. At this time, he also remembered the scene when his grandfather cooked meat for himself when he was a child, and he felt very sad. stand up.

Later, he also heard the movement, and found that the strange woman Zhang Baobao was suddenly digging a grave next to him during the day. After seeing this scene, Zhang Chulan hurriedly picked up his mobile phone and was about to leave evidence, but he was caught by the person in front of him. I found out, and when he was about to run away, he was still grabbed back abruptly by the other party.

He cried out for help at the top of his lungs, but still no one heard him. Soon after, Baby Zhang was going to bury Zhang Chulan, who knew too much. Almost, and took out the matter of his own brother to beg the other party’s forgiveness.

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But at this time, bad situations suddenly appeared around, Zhang Baobao immediately kicked the person inside, and continued to fight with the living corpse puppets outside, and quickly eliminated the surrounding things However, the things in front of them were unsettled. After hearing Zhang Chulan’s movement, they immediately changed their targets. Zhang Baobao took this opportunity to sneak away.

When he was leaving, he suddenly met Xu San, a familiar person. The two rushed over when they learned that Zhang Chulan was still in the cemetery, but they also found someone secretly helping Zhang Chulan in the ID card on the ground. Lan suddenly felt that the identity of the other party was a bit complicated.

Zhang Chulan seemed to be having a terrible nightmare at this time, with countless hands stretching out to him around him, and when he yelled, he suddenly found himself standing in front of the school lecture with an injured arm.

After that, he suddenly ran into Zhang Baobao from last night, but the other party’s identity suddenly changed at this time.

On the other side, Xia He, who stole the body of Zhang Chulan’s grandfather, and the others were about to find Zhang Chulan’s figure. In the evening, Wang also saw an extraordinary person in the interior scene, and was about to explore his true identity.