Heo Sung Tae Profile: Heo Sung Tae Facts

Heo Sung Tae (허성태) is a South Korean actor under the Hanahreum Company. He began his acting career in 2011  Known For The Age of Shadows (2016), The Outlaws (2017), Your Honor (2018), Squid Game (2021)

Birth Name: Heo Sung Tae (허성태)
Birthday: October 20, 1977
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 180 cm (5’11)
Weight: 74 kg
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality:South Korean

Heo Sung Tae Facts
–He was born in Busan, South Korea
–Years active 2011-present
––He graduated from Pusan National University
–He made his acting debut with the film Masquerade in 2012
–He is best known for his appearance in the Netflix series Squid Game
–In 2018, he was nominated for two awards (2018 SBS Drama Awards & 54th Baeksang Arts Awards) under the categories ‘Best Supporting Actor’ and ‘Best New Actor – Film’ respectively.
–He attended Pusan National University where he specialized in Russian.
–Heo began his acting career in 2011 when he entered in SBS’s talent show Miraculous Audition
–Heo starred as the gangster Jang Deok-su on the Netflix original series Squid Game (2021).

Heo Sung Tae Movies:
Masquerade/2012- Public officer
Man oh high heels/2014- Heo-Gon’s man
Haewoo/2014- ping Detective 2
Haru/2014- Patient 1
The Royal Tailor/2014- Officer Jong
Three summer night/2015- Detective Lang
The night of the prophet/2015- Hang ki
Martial arts detective:Chinatown/2015- Homeless man 2
Dear Lena/2016- CEO of company where Se-Yeon works
The age of shadows/2016- Ha Il-soo
The Fortress/2017- Yong 2017- Yong Gol-dae
The outlaws/2017- Dok-Sa
The Bros/2017- monk / Hyung-Bae
The swindlers/2017- Jang Du-Chil
Fengshui/2018- Lee Si-Young
Rampant/2018- Lee Jung-Rang
Malmoe: the secret mission/2019- Ueda
The 12th suspect/2019- No Suk-Hyun
The Devine movie 2: The wrathful/2019- Busan Weed
Boys/2020- Detective Park

Heo Sung Tae drama Series:
God of war/MBC |2012-
Quiz from God 3/OCN|2012- human body organ dealer
Reply 1994/TvN|2013- aide of Samcheonpo mayor
Ugly Young-A (S13)/TvN |2014- pizza restaurant owner
Jeong DoJeon/KBS |2014- Goryeo General
You’re All Surrounded/SBS|2014- Detective Oh
Inspiring Generation/KBS2 |2014- Japanese man
City of the Sun/MBC Drama |2015-
Love on a Rooftop/KBS2|2015-
Saimdang, Memoir of Colors/SBS|2017- Wang Jung-Cheol (Past)
Tunnel/OCN |2017- Jung Ho-Young
Queen For Seven Days/KBS2 |2017- gang leader
Live Up To Your Namet/TvN|2017- gangster
Witch at Court/KBS2 |2017- Baek Sang-Ho
Cross/TvN |2018- Kim Hyeong-Beom
Your Honor/SBS|2018- Hong Jung-Soo
Liver or Die/KBS2 |2019- condoler
Different Dreams/MBC|2019- Matsuura
Voice 3/OCN2019- drug dealer (ep.2,6)
Watcher/OCN |2019 – Jang Hae-Ryong
Psychopath Diary/tvN |2019-2020 – Jang Chil-Sung
King Maker: The Change of Destiny/TVChosun |2020-
Beyond Evil/JTBC|2021 – Lee Chang-Jin
Racket Boys/SBS |2021- Coach Chun
Squid Game/Netflix |2021- Jang Deok-Soo

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