ENA’s “Crash” has released new stills ahead of its upcoming episode!

“Crash” is a crime investigation drama about a team of five investigators, known as Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) team that tracks crimes that occur on the road.


In the last episode, TCI squad leader Min So Hee (Kwak Sun Young)’s father, veteran taxi driver Min Yong Geon (Yoo Seung Mok), was involved in a traffic accident. The accident occurred during TCI’s crackdown on illegal transportation, triggered by a famous actor’s arrest for drug use in a taxi. Tension rose further with the implication in the teaser that Seoul Police Chief Pyo Myeong Hak (Heo Jung Do)’s son Pyo Jeong Wook (Kang Ki Doong) might be linked to the incident.

In fact, Pyo Myeong Hak and his son Pyo Jeong Wook are pivotal to the mystery surrounding a car accident 10 years ago involving Cha Yeon Ho (Lee Min Ki). Among the three witnesses, Yang Jae Young (Heo Ji Won) was killed and Han Kyung Soo (Han Sang Jo) disappeared. Pyo Jeong Wook becomes the latest target of the assailant, who aimed at their lives. Before this, when Han Kyung Soo threatened Pyo Myeong Hak with exposing everything to the police, Pyo Myung Hak devised a sinister plan, vowing to ensure Kyung Soo wouldn’t recklessly divulge information.

“Crash” has been weaving breadcrumbs about another hidden truth by these ultimate villains regarding the accident a decade ago. Therefore, TCI’s pursuit to uncover these breadcrumbs and reveal the truth will likely be the climax of the remaining storyline.

The production team of “Crash” emphasized, “Our series delves into real-life traffic crimes that demand attention. Even as viewers enjoy the show, we want to remind them of the importance of being vigilant on the roads.” They continued, “In upcoming episodes, we’ll address the risky illegal transportation operations. As past mysteries unfold, viewers can expect revelations about Pyo Myung Hak and Pyo Jeong Wook, the ultimate villain duo. Brace yourselves for heightened tension and pace, and stay tuned.”

“Crash” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST.

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