JTBC’s new drama “My Sweet Mobster” has unveiled lovely new stills of Han Sun Hwa!

“My Sweet Mobster” is a romance drama with surprising twists about Seo Ji Hwan (Um Tae Goo), who has overcome his troubled past, and Go Eun Ha (Han Sun Hwa), a kids’ content creator. The drama promises a story of reconciling the past and rediscovering childhood innocence.

Han Sun Hwa portrays Go Eun Ha, a kids’ content creator known as “Mini Unnie” who spares no effort to bring joy to children. Pursuing a minimalist approach to play without expensive toys, Eun Ha often faces criticism from her production company due to her low number of subscribers, but she remains unwaveringly bright, determined, and resilient.

Fueled by memories of a caring older boy from her childhood neighborhood who was the only one willing to play with her, Go Eun Ha grows up with a mission to convey love and happiness to children unconditionally.

The newly released stills capture Go Eun Ha’s heartfelt efforts to create content that brings smiles to children’s faces. Whether crafting handmade props to create bubbles, taking on the role of a police officer for a role-play, or wholeheartedly participating in outdoor activities with children, her passion and sincerity shine through.

In the final still, viewers catch a glimpse of Go Eun Ha enjoying a moment of personal reflection, away from her Mini Unnie persona. Seated on a swing, her gaze suggests a wistful reminiscence of past memories, leaving viewers intrigued about the possibility of her reconnecting with the compassionate older boy from her childhood, who left an indelible mark on her heart.

“My Sweet Mobster” will premiere on June 12 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Stay tuned for more updates!

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