Han So Hee and Jeon Jong Seo will be starring in a new drama together!

On April 29, it was officially announced that Han So Hee and Jeon Jong Seo will star in the new drama “Project Y” (working title).

“Project Y” is a noir drama set in Seoul’s Gangnam district that follows the daring ambition of two friends of the same age to steal 8 billion won (approximately $5.8 million) worth of gold bars and vanish without a trace.

Notably, Han So Hee and Jeon Jong Seo, who share the same age in real life, are expected to also showcase their chemistry and womance in their roles as same-age friends in the series.

The series will be helmed by director Lee Hwan, known for igniting fervent discussions within the Korean film industry with his bold themes and dynamic directorial approach in films like “Park Hwa Young” and “Young Adult Matters.”

“Project Y” will reportedly begin filming in the second half of 2024. Stay tuned for more updates!

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