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Disney Plus’s original series Dominant Species drops its thrilling first and second episodes today (April 10th), immersing viewers into a narrative brimming with innovation, mystery, and a touch of the unknown.

Today’s premiere of Dominant Species introduces audiences to the transformative world of BF, an innovative corporation that has taken the global cultured meat market by storm under the leadership of its CEO, Yoon Ja Yu (Han Hyo Joo). BF pledges to create a world devoid of destruction and sacrifice. Despite amassing wealth and fame with her company’s success, Yoon Ja Yu finds herself the target of malicious threats for challenging the primary industry.

Credit: Disney Plus

The initial episodes unravel as BF faces a barrage of crises, starting with malignant rumors about the contamination of their core cultured fluid, followed by a mysterious internal server hacking demanding a hefty ransom. These threats against BF spiral, culminating in a shocking moment when a mysterious man plunges onto Yoon Ja Yu’s car as she returns from a product launch, gripping viewers from the get-go.

Adding layers to the intrigue, Woo Chae Un (Ju Ji Hoon), a former military officer entangled in an unexpected terrorist incident during a deployment, begins to deliberately approach Yoon Ja Yu. From the day of the BF’s product launch, Woo Chae Un’s increasing proximity to Yoon and her BF Group, especially witnessing the man’s fall onto Yoon’s car, injects a palpable tension into the drama.

Dominant Species is a suspenseful thriller that navigates the complexities surrounding Yoon Ja Yu, the visionary behind the biotech firm BF, and Woo Chae Un, a retired officer turned bodyguard. As they become ensnared in a web of mysterious deaths and incidents, they seek to uncover the truth lurking in the shadows.


Source: Disney Plus

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