KBS2’s upcoming weekday drama “Snow White’s Revenge” has shared new stills ahead of its premiere!

“Snow White’s Revenge” will tell the story of a woman who wants to have the world and another woman who risks everything for revenge. Han Chae Young plays Moon Jung In, the CEO of Jungin Entertainment, who is driven by ambition. Choi Woong stars as aspiring actor Seo Jin Ho, and Han Bo Reum plays his lover Baek Seol Ah. Kim Kyu Sun plays Jung In’s daughter Min Joo Ryun.

The released stills depict Jung In, Baek Seol Ah, and Min Joo Ryun at the wrap party for Seol Ah’s drama “Poker Face.”  Moon Jung In is captured with a bright smile, while Baek Seol Ah and Min Joo Ryun are shown with cold facial expressions.

Jung In, Min Joo Ryun’s mother who was also Seol Ah’s stepmother in the past, garners everyone’s attention at the wrap party with her glamorous beauty. The expressions on Seol Ah’s and Joo Ryun’s faces as they stare at Jung In pique curiosity about their relationship.

Meanwhile, lead actor Jung Woo Jin (Choi Woong) enjoys the wrap party with a satisfied smile. However, this changes when he encounters Jung In, Seol Ah, and Joo Ryun, revealing his complicated feelings and heightening viewers’ curiosity about their past.

Another photo shows “Poker Face” director Na Hyun Woo (Jeon Seung Bin) holding Seol Ah’s hand. The affectionate atmosphere between them raises curiosity about their relationship. Additionally, the love triangle between Seol Ah, her ex-boyfriend and lead actor Woo Jin, and director Hyun Woo heightens expectations.

The production team of “Snow White’s Revenge” stated, “In today’s broadcast, viewers will be able to get a glimpse of the complex relationships between various characters at the ‘Poker Face’ wrap party. The actions of Jung In, who is the embodiment of desire, Seol Ah, who is determined to seek revenge, Woo Jin, who has strived for success, Hyun Woo, who worked hard to make the drama a success, and Joo Ryun, who wants to make Woo Jin her man, will provide viewers with an immersive experience. We ask for your interest and viewership.”

“Snow White’s Revenge” will premiere on June 17 at 7:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

While you wait for “Snow White’s Revenge,” watch Han Chae Young in “Sponsor” below:

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