KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Scandal” (literal title) has unveiled a sneak peek of its messy web of relationships!

“Scandal,” which stars Han Chae Young and Han Bo Reum, will tell the story of two very different women: one wants to have the world, while the other is willing to put everything on the line for revenge.

Newly released stills from the upcoming drama offer a glimpse of the complicated interpersonal relationships at Jungin Entertainment, an agency led by the ambitious CEO Moon Jung In (Han Chae Young). The ruthless Moon Jung In is willing to resort to any means necessary to achieve success, and her gaze is full of desire and ambition as she looks at Seo Jin Ho (Choi Woong), an aspiring actor who signs with her agency.

After he changes his stage name to Jung Woo Jin, Seo Jin Ho’s acting career takes off, and he skyrockets to superstardom after Moon Jung In takes him under her wing.

However, Moon Jung In isn’t the only executive at Jungin Entertainment who takes special notice of Seo Jin Ho. Her daughter Min Joo Ryun (Kim Kyu Sun), a director at the company who is vital to its success, falls in love with Jin Ho—and she isn’t shy about expressing her feelings as she attempts to seduce him. But when she notices that Jin Ho and her mother seem particularly close, an unexpected tension forms between mother and daughter.

This uncomfortable quadrangle is rounded out by Kim Seok Gi (Jin Ju Hyung), a planning director at Jungin Entertainment who went to college with Joo Ryun and is secretly in love with her. Whenever Joo Ryun struggles with work or love, the smitten Seok Gi is there to offer her warm comfort—but it remains to be seen how he will react once he finds out that she’s fallen for someone else.

“Scandal” will premiere on June 17 at 7:50 p.m. KST following the conclusion of “The Two Sisters.”

In the meantime, watch Han Chae Young in “Sponsor” with subtitles on Viki below:

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