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Ha Jung Woo revealed why he recommended Yeo Jin Goo for the villain role in Hijacking.

The film Hijacking revolves around the people on a passenger plane who must fight for their lives after the aircraft is hijacked over Korean airspace in 1971. Ha Jung Woo plays Tae In, the co-pilot of the hijacked plane. Ha Jung Woo shared the screen with Yeo Jin Goo, who plays the villain in the film. The two also went on a trip to New Zealand together through the tvN variety show Bros on Foot.

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“Yeo Jin Goo mentioned me as his role model on Bros on Foot, and I heard that the production team asked him to join the movie because of that. Yeo Jin Goo and I went to the same school, and I thought it’d be interesting to work with him since he said that I’m his role model. So, we ended up going on a trip together for the show. I’m really grateful that he thought of me that way,” Ha Jung Woo said.

“Who would play Yongdae was the biggest point of interest in Hijacking,” he continued. “I even met some actors and did readings. Then Yeo Jin Goo’s name came up. I happened to be going on Bros on Foot, and I said, ‘Then I’ll go and experience what he’s like.’ I kept telling the director and the production team that Yeo Jin Goo seemed like a good fit whenever I met him.”

Hijacking Yeo Jin Goo
Credit: Yonhap News

“Jin Goo can be a bit crazy and goofy, and I thought if he could channel that intensity when the character Yongdae goes wild and crazy, it would be great. Yeo Jin Goo had this youthful image from his child acting days, but in person, he has a big build and a passion like fire. I thought, this will do, he’s good enough to play a plane hijacker,” he said, drawing laughter.

Ha Jung Woo also said, “The day we left for the variety show shoot, I slipped Yeo Jin Goo a script at Incheon Airport, saying, ‘Hey, there’s this movie coming up, and it’s a bit urgent. I don’t know if you’ll be able to read the script, but…’ and explained the director and production company to him. He asked me to send him the script, so I gave it to the company.”

“We shot for 12 days in New Zealand, and on the way back, I told him, ‘I think you need to make a decision now. Don’t feel pressured, but I think you need to decide within the next few days.’ Yeo Jin Goo said, ‘I’ll do it within a few days.’ He joined the project at the last minute,” he said, revealing the casting process.

“I drank wine with him every night when I was there. I thought it would pressure him too much if Ju Ji Hoon came into the picture, so it was just him and me. I talked to him about what kind of movies he had been in,” he said with a laugh. When someone said, “Isn’t that gaslighting?” he replied, “No, it’s not. I know he is a smart kid who makes good decisions,” drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Hijacking will be released on June 21st.

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