H1-KEY’s Hwiseo has denied dating rumors linking her to AMPERS&ONE’s Na Kamden.

On May 6, Hwiseo personally addressed a recent AMPERS&ONE live broadcast that sparked rumors of her romantic involvement with Na Kamden. During the broadcast, which was filmed in the AMPERS&ONE members’ hotel room in Japan, Hwiseo’s voice was briefly heard, and one of the AMPERS&ONE members referred to her by her given name (Hwihyeon).

As both H1-KEY and AMPERS&ONE were in Japan for the same “Idol Radio” event in Tokyo, Hwiseo clarified that she had coincidentally been staying in the hotel room across from the AMPERS&ONE members’ room. Because Hwiseo was formerly a trainee at AMPERS&ONE’s agency FNC Entertainment, she explained that she had simply greeted the members when she’d opened her door and seen them in the hallway.

Hwiseo’s full message is as follows:

We’re not in any kind of relationship that could cause misunderstandings!
And I never went to their hotel room!!
The hotel was not soundproofed well, so when I heard a knock from across the hall, I opened the door while asking, “Who is it?” Then I saw the guys that I’d trained together with, so I was happy to see them for the first time in a long while and said, “Oh!! It’s been a long time!” I greeted them, and that was it!! After that, I put on my Pompompurin pants and took the photo with Shinyoung [Yel’s given name] that was posted on Instagram today!! You really don’t need to worry!! You know that I’m more serious about my work than anyone, hehe.

Watch Hwiseo in “Queendom Puzzle” on Viki below:

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And watch Na Kamden in “Boys Planet” below!

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