We are one day away from the release of “Gray Shelter”! Fans are increasingly delighted with the broadcast of the opening credits of “Gray Shelter” before its premiere.

Nakwon Mansion has uploaded a preview of the opening video featuring Jeon Seon Myeon’s beautiful animation. The animation shows the two main characters, Yoon Dae and Soo Hyuk, walking alone in the snow before ending up under a street light. Yoon Dae holds out his scarf and wraps it around Soo Hyuk. The light turns on, illuminating their gray world and they hug as Ode’s “Sleepless” plays in the background.

Image from the opening sequence of Gray Shelter

The five-episode K-drama, “Gray Shelter”, formerly known as “Gray Current”, stars Lee Jaebin from the 2022 BL series “Choco Milk Shake” and Jang Wooyoung. It tells the story of Cha Soo Hyuk, who leads a dark life focused on survival without clear goals or motivation. However, his life changes completely when he unexpectedly meets Lee Yoon Dae, his almost half-brother from high school, again. The two find themselves living together again due to certain circumstances.

An official synopsis of “Gray Shelter” states: “Cha Soo Hyuk is a boring adult whose only goal is to live like everyone else. While working as an engineer at a cleaning company, he reunites with Yoon Dae, who briefly became his brother in the past. They look back on days of domestic violence, running away from home, and comforting each other by reassuring each other that they were nothing like each other’s parents. While Soo Hyuk, who left to finish his work, hears a lie from Yoon Dae that his father is no longer there. »

“Gray Shelter”, the new Korean BL unveils an opening sequence before its official release K-Sélection

“Gray Shelter” will debut on April 11 at 23:00 p.m. GMT+9 on Heavenly. It will also be broadcast on Rakuten TV and iQiyi.

Check out the official trailer below!