JTBC’s upcoming drama “Frankly Speaking” has unveiled a new poster of its three leads!

“Frankly Speaking” is a romantic comedy starring Go Kyung Pyo as Song Ki Baek, a rising news anchor who lives strictly by the rules and has worked hard to build up a clean image. However, Song Ki Baek’s life takes a (literally) shocking turn when he is electrocuted in an accident, leading him to develop a strange condition that prevents him from lying.

Kang Han Na will star as On Woo Ju, a passionate variety show writer who is willing to do anything to make a program entertaining, while Joo Jong Hyuk will play her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Heon, a popular trot singer.

When On Woo Ju, whose program is at risk of being cancelled, sees the potential for variety show gold in the brutally honest Song Ki Baek, she makes up her mind to cast him so she can boost her viewership ratings. The newly released poster captures On Woo Ju’s determination through the glint in her eye, while Song Ki Baek appears to be stuffing his own mouth with confetti in a desperate attempt to stop himself from blurting out his true feelings.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Heon will spark Song Ki Baek’s jealousy by attempting to re-enter On Woo Ju’s life. Although Kim Jung Heon is highly sought-after in the variety show sphere, as he manages to make every program he appears on an instant hit, On Woo Ju chooses to cast Song Ki Baek instead of him because of their history. Not only is Kim Jung Heon her ex-boyfriend, but he is also the very reason she swore off dating at work.

In the poster, Kim Jung Heon passionately sings into a mic in an attempt to get back into On Woo Ju’s good graces—but newcomer Song Ki Baek comes between the two exes.

“The comic chemistry between this trio will explode from the very first episode on May 1,” said the drama’s production team. “We will do our utmost to prepare a drama that can live up to the expectations of viewers hoping for big laughs, so please show lots of interest.”

“Frankly Speaking” will premiere on May 1 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Check out the latest teaser for the drama here!

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