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Go Jun Hee (고준희) is a South Korean model and actress under Mountain Movement. She debuted as a school uniform model in 2001 and as an actress on October 22, 2003 in drama Breathless.

Stage Name: Go Jun Hee (고준희)
Birth Name: Kim Eun Joo (김은주)
Chinese Stage Name: Gao Zhun Xi (高準熹)
Chinese Birth Name: Jin En Zhu (金恩珠)
Birthday: August 31, 1985
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 172 cm (5’7”)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Instagram: gojoonhee
Weibo: gojoonhee0831
Daum Cafe: eunjulove03

Go Jun Hee Facts:
– Born in Seoul, South Korea.
– She played violin until high school.
– She has a light head when it comes to alcohol.
– She would like to play weird characters in dramas and movies.
– Education: Hangaram Private High School and Kyung Hee University Seoul Campus.
– She says that bobbed hair is her signature.
– She hates playing hard to get.
– Agencies like C-JeS Entertainment and WIP, have given her offers to join them.
– She breaks up by sending text messages like “We need to get some time off”.
– When she’s around a guy she’s interested in, she often pushes her hair back.
– In May 2019, her agency took legal action against people who spread rumors linking her to Big Bang‘s Seungri’s controversy.
– On November 18, 2019 she signed an exclusive contract with the agency Mountain Movement.
– She’s the type of person that can’t really watch scary things.
– She enjoys listening to 2NE1’s songs.
– Her favorite perfumes are Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin.
– On February 13, 2017 she has signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.
– In We Got Married she got paired with 2AM’s Jinwoon.
– She says that she is an honest woman when it comes to love.
– In June 2013, she was a Soju model alongside actor Jo In Sung.
– She says her complexes are that she is too tall and has big feet, so she hates when people ask her for her shoe size.
– She adopted her stage name in 2008 from a character she played as, named Ko Joon Hee in a drama called What’s Up, Fox? that aired in 2006.
– She had never dreamed of being an actress until she was spotted by chance and made her debut.
– When she started getting more recognition as an actress, her Facebook account got suspended. She says someone reported it for impersonating Go Jun Hee, and the reasoning behind it might be because she didn’t upload pictures of herself and didn’t accept all the friend requests she received.
Go Jun Hee’s Ideal Type:  “Someone with no double eyelids and with a large build. I want him to be taller than I am, and I want someone who only sees me. I like a normal person rather than an actor for my boyfriend.

Intimate Enemies (나의 절친 악당들) | 2015 – Go Jun Hee
Red Carpet (레드카펫) | 2014 – Eun Soo
Marriage Blue (결혼전야) | 2013 – Yi Ra
Doomsday Book (인류멸망보고서) | 2012 – Kim Yoo Min
Architecture 101 (건축학개론) | 2012 – Eun Chae
Yeosu (려수) | 2011 – Mi Jin
Drifting Away (꼭 껴안고 눈물 핑) | 2011 – Dan Bi
Girl Scouts (걸스카우트) | 2008 – Kang Eun Ji

Drama Series:
The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream (夏梦狂诗曲) | 2020 – Pei Shi
Possessed (빙의) | 2019 – Hong Seo Jung
Untouchable (언터처블) | 2017 – Gu Ja Kyung
She Was Pretty (그녀는 예뻤다) | 2015 – Min Ha Ri
Queen of Ambition (야왕) | 2013 – Seok Soo Jung
The Chaser (추적자) | 2012 – Seo Ji Won
Twelve Men in a Year (일년에 열두 남자) | 2012 – Tanya
Can You Hear My Heart (내 마음이 들리니?) | 2011 – Kang Min Soo
Chuno (추노) | 2010 – Jae Ni
General Hospital 2 (종합병원 2) | 2008 – Kang Eun Ji
Robber (불한당) | 2008 – Young Sook (Ep. 1)
Crazy For You (사랑에 미치다) | 2007 – Jo Min Hee
What’s Up, Fox? (여우야 뭐하니) | 2006 – Ko Joon Hee
Dasepo Naughty Girls (시리즈 다세포 소녀) | 2006 – Poor girl
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (건빵선생과 별사탕) | 2005 – Kim Sun Ah
Breathless (나는 달린다) | 2003 – Jo Young Ji

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