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G-Dragon, aka Kwon Ji Yong, the leader of the iconic K-pop group BIGBANG and a celebrated solo artist, is set to release his first solo album in nearly seven years. Galaxy Corporation, his management company, confirmed that he is targeting a comeback in the latter half of this year. “G-Dragon is currently preparing a new album set for release later this year, so stay tuned,” the company stated.

His last solo effort, the EP titled Kwon Ji Yong, was released in June 2017 and featured an innovative physical release on USB, sparking debate within the South Korean music industry about what constitutes a physical album. This release challenged traditional music distribution and was a testament to G-Dragon’s reputation as a musical innovator.

G-Dragon has not only changed the landscape of K-pop with his ability to produce and perform but also shifted the industry’s focus towards artists who actively participate in creating their music. When BIGBANG debuted in 2006, G-Dragon’s role as a musician who wrote and produced music was nothing but revolutionary.

Beyond music, G-Dragon has made significant strides in “branding the image.” Known for his unique style, he has been a favored personality among global luxury brands. Recently, he met with Frederic Malle, the founder of the French luxury perfume brand Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, with whom he has collaborated on a special edition of the Musc Ravageur fragrance. This partnership includes a special edition incorporating daisies, a symbol associated with G-Dragon, into the Musc Ravageur perfume and body oil products the artist has enjoyed for over a decade.

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