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The members of Black Pink had recently announced the amazing solo adventures they will be embarking on soo . With so many opportunities, we can expect to see great things from each member – but not every member’s actions were well-received or excuted.

Rose announced her new agency signing with Teddy’s The Black Label, Jennie struts in high fashion and reunites with Billie Eilish, Jisoo is well on her way to being a force of an actress, but Lisa was met with critical criticism after her recent teaser photos dropped for “ROCKSTAR.”

Lisa’a upcoming solo release “ROCKSTAR” is set to drop on June 28th and is her first solo comeback since her debut with ‘LALISA‘ in 2021. So, of course, fans highly anticipate what the baddest rapper will bring to the table after such a long wait.

However, it seems Lisa’s darkened skin color was a cause for mixed reactions and a wave of negative comments. The already golden sun-kissed Thai goddess we know and love glistens on the stage just the way she is. However, it seems in order to create a more dramatic and edgy appearance, Lisa went tanning and the photographer and photo artists are allegedly known for darkening their subject’s skin tone for a more deep and eye-catching effect. See what we mean?

Credit: Sony Music Entertainment Korea

Fans stated “It took me a minute to realize it was even Lisa,” “Is it AI??”  “Is she in her Miley (Cyrus) era?” and “Pale for Korea, Tanned for America, Naked for Europe?”

It seems the discontent is completely centered around her skin tone. While no one is claiming Lisa is doing Black face or being racist for darkening her skin, the issue still remains clear. Fortunately, other concerned fans worried about her skin health from tanning excessively just for an image. Other fans also felt that the teaser photos alone might not be what “ROCKSTAR” is completely about and should wait and see for the official MV and song release. The focus still remains more on Lisa’s skin than her comeback, sadly.

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Many platform headlines are claiming Lisa is ready and “making a statement” – but what that statement is obviously went over fans’ heads and we are lost in wondering what to expect. Let’s hope for the best with Lisa’s comeback and revived solo career!

What do you think will happen next? Are you anticipating the release of “ROCKSTAR” and more? Do you think Lisa’s skin tone was problematic or are fans being hyper sensitive? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more updates.


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