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Even after its finale, the tvN drama Lovely Runner continues to captivate audiences, with fans eagerly visiting the drama’s filming locations to relive memorable moments.

In the drama, the “Han River Bridge” where Sun Jae and Sol reunite after 15 years is actually filmed at Chuncheon Bridge. This location holds significant meaning for the characters, as it’s where Sun Jae meets Sol, who is in a wheelchair, and shelters her with a green umbrella. They promise to meet again on January 1st, 2023, making it a pivotal spot in the story.

Chuncheon Bridge connects Legoland Theme Park, located on the island of Jungdo over Uiamho Lake, to downtown Chuncheon. The bridge’s circular tower with connecting cables is iconic. It’s also known for its vibrant night lights and a fountain show that depicts various scenes of Chuncheon.

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Suwon’s Haenggung-dong, the childhood neighborhood of Sun Jae and Sol, has also risen in popularity. This area, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Hwaseong Fortress, offers a nostalgic atmosphere due to strict development regulations. Visitors can enjoy the murals and unique cafes and restaurants along Haengnidan-gil.

Fans can see the homes of Sun Jae and Sol, the alleys they walked, and nearby Hwahongmun Square, where they cheered for the 2008 Beijing Olympics baseball finals.

Banghwasuryujeong Pavilion, where high school Sun Jae taught Sol to ride a bicycle, is another must-visit. Located east of Hwaseong Fortress’s Hwahongmun Gate, this pavilion, built in 1794, offers breathtaking views and a serene environment. Its official name is Dongbukgangnu, and it’s popularly known for its picturesque setting.

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The Sapgyoho Amusement Park in Dangjin, Chungnam, featured in episode 13, is where the duo enjoyed a date. This retro-style park includes rides like a Ferris wheel, Viking ship, disco, and carousel, all set against the beautiful backdrop of the West Sea and Seohae Bridge.

Lastly, the “Yeonseo University” campus scenes were filmed at Chungnam National University’s Daedeok Campus. The iconic Baekma (white horse) Statue and other scenic spots at the campus are where Sol travels back in time to save Sun Jae.

These locations have not only captivated viewers of Lovely Runner but have also become significant travel spots for fans looking to experience the magic of the drama firsthand.


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