TXT has kick-started their world tour by making a meaningful new promise with their fans MOA!

On May 3, TXT heralded the start of their third world tour “ACT : PROMISE,” gifting the first of three unforgettable nights to MOA at KSPO Dome in Seoul, boasting a 360-degree circular main stage.

TXT signaled the start of their magical new narrative by making entrances from each of the five corners of the stage, coming together at the center with Yeonjun placing a crown descending from above on his head.

TXT reciprocated the fiery passion from fans with a powerful performance of their latest title track “Deja Vu,” and the group continued to draw even more thunderous screams with their next performance of “Run Away.”

Following their opening performances, Soobin took to the stage to greet fans for their latest world tour, announcing, “Welcome to everyone who has come to ‘ACT : PROMISE,’” greeting both fans who attended in-person as well as those watching through the Weverse live stream, which will be provided for all three concerts in Seoul.

After the members took turns introducing themselves, Beomgyu shared, “We counted the days until the concert,” while Taehyun remarked, “I’m so happy to be with MOA on the first day of ‘ACT : PROMISE.’” Yeonjun added, “The first concert is always nerve-racking, but I’m looking forward to it.”

TXT went on to wow the crowd with their gukak (Korean traditional music) arrangement of “Sugar Rush Ride,” featuring a breathtaking performance with drums and fans by the dancers along with TXT’s outfit change into traditional hanbok.

In between their performances, TXT also didn’t forget to take the time to interact with MOAs. The group amped up MOAs with their impressive crowd work that segued into a powerful rock session, starting with a performance of the punk rock version of “New Rules,” followed by “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” “Ghosting,” and “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go,” which had MOAs singing along so well that Taehyun joked, “MOAs are so good at singing that I feel as if we should just pass the mic over.”

Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai continued to rock the stage with their rousing first-ever performance of the unit song “Quarter Life.” Yeonjun and Soobin took the stage next with their alluring unit performance of “The KILLA (I belong to you),” which Yeonjun participated in composing the choreography for.

TXT further showcased the hard rock version of “PUMA,” featuring a story-like presentation together with the dancers performing on lifts. In addition to a hardcore performance of “Good Boy Gone Bad,” TXT followed up with a rebellious rendition of “Growing Pain” that left fans breathless.

On a galaxy-like stage against the backdrop of glittering stars, TXT delivered first-ever performances of “Dreamer” and “Deep Down.”

Wrapping up, the members shared their closing remarks. Taehyun revealed, “We actually didn’t have that much time to prepare for this concert. At first, I wondered if it would be possible, but we didn’t want to show a lacking [performance], so the members and I mused over and practiced a lot to show our best for the three days.” Mentioning that he recently recovered his voice after suffering from a cold, he explained, “I really felt that I was born to sing while looking at MOA. I’m happy beyond imagination thanks to MOA.”

Yeonjun elaborated, “Even just the day before, we rehearsed until 1 a.m. We prepared this stage with a great sense of pressure, but contrary to our worries, MOA filled in [for what we were lacking] with such loud cheers and made us feel like [our hard work] is all worth it.”

Beomgyu continued, “As expected, I think MOA’s energy was great. Today, I was so nervous, I wondered if I could do well, but as soon as I saw MOA, I became confident and I felt a sense of certainty. I feel like we received a lot of strength from MOA.” He wittily added, “To those watching the live broadcast, I heard all your screams. Thank you so much. Next time, let’s meet in person.”

Huening Kai shared, “We did a 360-degree stage for the first time, and it was so fun because we could see all the MOAs. It was our first time, so I was worried how we would do this, but I gained strength immediately when I saw MOA. I think this [concert] will remain as a really great memory,” asking fans to look forward to TXT’s future steps.

Soobin relayed, “A few days ago, I heard from MOA that love and hate are emotions that are contagious. Thanks to everyone, I think this space is filled with so much love.” He explained, “The world is really cold and sharp, but thanks to everyone, I feel like our world is really warm and soft.”

TXT recently made their comeback with their sixth mini album “minisode 3: TOMORROW.” Following three days of their “ACT : PROMISE” concert in Seoul, TXT will head to the U.S. leg of their world tour.

Are you looking forward to TXT’s world tour?

Photo Credit: BIGHIT MUSIC