TXT is making their highly-anticipated comeback!

On April 1, TXT held a press showcase to celebrate the release of their sixth mini album “minisode 3: TOMORROW” along with the title track “Deja Vu.”

“Deja Vu” is a pop style song which is a hybrid of trap’s sub-genre rage and emo rock. The lyrics express how they will reunite like promised in the past, describing the moment of reunion as deja vu.

During the press showcase, TXT talked about their latest album “minisode 3: TOMORROW,” which provides a continuation from their previous albums. Beomgyu and Huening Kai pointed out that the lyrics of “Deja Vu” carries expressions that will remind listeners of older songs from their discography. Soobin mentioned, “I got a little emotional thinking of past promotional activities.”

Last month, TXT also celebrated their fifth debut anniversary. Reflecting on their time as a group, Taehyun shared, “It felt like it all flew by so fast. The coming five years will also fly by. Above all, I want to continue promoting with the members.” Huening Kai similarly remarked, “Going forward, it’s my goal to meet more MOAs while staying in good health.”

Regarding the story they want to tell through their music going forward, Huening Kai shared, “This album is a minisode, and the past minisode acted as a bridge. This minisode will also act as a bridge.” Beomgyu remarked, “We don’t know yet whether this story will continue, but we are certain that we will tell our story, and we’ll do music that many people can relate to.”

When asked how the group overcame difficult periods in their career that led them to their growth, Huening Kai shared, “For me, the time before the comeback is the most difficult. While preparing for a comeback, there is no certainty that it will do well and that people will like it. I talk [about this] with the members, and we overcome that together.”

Yeonjun continued, “It might be an obvious answer, but it’s because of my members and MOA [that I can overcome difficult periods.] When I’m having a hard time, I can rely on the members, and those hard times are forgotten when I see MOA smile. The members and MOA are the greatest source of strength for me.”

Beomgyu relayed, “Before, I used to resolve issues on my own, but little by little as TXT grew, I started to rely on the members. Looking back, there were so many people who helped me along the way: MOA, my family, and the agency. So I do my best to lean on others to get back up.”

Taehyun answered, “I also take strength from music. During difficult times, I gain musical inspiration. And similar to how I found strength through music, I hope that our music also delivers strength [to listeners],” mentioning the B-side track “Quarter Life,” which deals with the subject of a “quarter-life crisis” in a relatable manner as well as the issues that those in their mid-20s face.

Soobin revealed, “The period of the COVID-19 pandemic was the most difficult for me. There was not very much contact with fans, and I felt a lot of complicated emotions not seeing audiences [when we performed], but that emptiness could be filled with the members and the agency, so I was able to endure.”

Connecting back to their title track, TXT also touched on forgotten promises and goals they want to achieve. Taehyun shared, “I think it’s obvious to say [our goal] is health and happiness. At debut, it was very obvious, but after five years, I realized that it’s quite a lot of effort for all five of us to be happy and healthy, so I try not to forget this, and it’s a thought I carry in my thought. Personally, I think the health of the five members come first.”

Mentioning their upcoming world tour “ACT : PROMISE,” Huening Kai shared, “We get to go to new cities, so I’m happy that we can make more MOAs happy,” and Beomgyu similarly added, “This time, [we prepared] a set list with which we can make more eye contact with MOA and run around. For MOAs who attend for the first time, I hope to gift a concert that will make them want to return for sure.”

Soobin further recalled a forgotten promise, sharing, “I promised to bring delicious food and coffee to the Recruitment Team. I thought about going back and thanking them. I’m sorry [that five years have gone by].” Soobin added, “My happiest memory was from the dome and stadium concerts. The large stages make me feel happy and proud, so I want to continue to be more greedy.” Yeonjun lightheartedly added, “There’s a teacher who raised me. I said I would buy them a car. I think I’ll have to work harder.”

To wrap up, Soobin conveyed how proud he felt to return with music that suits the group perfectly, sharing that the group will do their best so that their music can reach many people.

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Photo Credit: BIGHIT MUSIC