SEVENTEEN is gearing up to impress with the best of their best with their latest album “17 IS RIGHT HERE”!

On April 29, SEVENTEEN held a press conference to discuss their best-of album “17 IS RIGHT HERE” and their title track “MAESTRO.”

Staring off the press conference, S.Coups shared, “It’s always exciting to be able to release a new album, and I also feel nervous. I think above all, CARATs waited for this,” expressing his hope that CARATs enjoy their new album.

Mingyu elaborated, “The album has everything since SEVENTEEN’s debut, and it organizes SEVENTEEN’s [activities] until now while also heralding the start of SEVENTEEN’s future.” Jeonghan commented, “The members wanted to make a best-of album with the best quality. Rather than just include SEVENTEEN’s songs until now, we wanted to capture what we want to achieve going forward and our future vision.”

“17 IS RIGHT HERE” features the title track “MAESTRO,” which is an R&B dance song. Woozi explained that the meaning of the title refers to a conductor or someone who is acknowledged in a certain field, and the song sourced seven of SEVENTEEN’s previous tracks including “Adore U,” “VERY NICE,” “Oh My!” “Fear,” “Rock with you,” “CHEERS,” and “Super.”

On their upcoming title track, S.Coups remarked, “I was concerned how people would react, but since Woozi made the song, I had faith that CARATs will greatly enjoy [the song]. I want to thank Woozi for trying out a new genre.”

Mingyu further previewed their upcoming plans for the year, including the release of another album and the potential for “CARAT LAND” and another tour in Fall following the conclusion of the “FOLLOW” tour. After listing off the events, Mingyu remarked, “I wonder if we can really do it,” and later added with conviction, “We can do it. We will be doing it.”

In addition to Wonwoo mentioning their upcoming festivals, Joshua hinted that SEVENTEEN will finally return to North America for the first time in approximately two years since the “BE THE SUN” tour in 2022. Joshua added, “Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to see fans in Italy,” sharing, “We made such great memories there and can’t wait to go back.” Vernon further elaborated, “A European tour is definitely something we are all waiting for.”

S.Coups expressed his hopes to go around to all the stadiums across the globe to perform and meet CARATs that they have yet to meet. Mingyu added, “If we can make the time, I personally want to persuade the members to go to as many regions as possible and meet as many CARATs as possible because there are lots of regions we haven’t gone to.”

Continuing to share their resolve for the future, Seungkwan shared, “All the members love the team SEVENTEEN, and we love our fans CARATs. As someone who also used to be a fan, I get the thought that if [I was a fan] of an artist like SEVENTEEN, I could love them without regret.”

Taking the time to reflect on their past nine years together when asked about the group’s biggest challenges along the way, S.Coups shared, “I think our biggest challenge was starting with 13 members,” sharing, “The fact that all 13 members are still promoting is also taking on a big challenge.”

Furthermore, on their most memorable moments over the course of their career, S.Coups picked winning the Grand Prize at MAMA Awards, reflecting on overcoming their past worries of not receiving a Grand Prize.

When asked if SEVENTEEN has taken the opportunity to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create music, Woozi shared that he practiced using AI to make music. He explained, “Rather than feeling uncomfortable about developing tools, I feel like we should walk alongside them. I practiced a lot and tried to find its advantages. I ponder a lot how we can still keep our identity [amidst the developing technology].”

SEVENTEEN also touched upon their tight-knit friendship and teamwork, mentioning the monthly meetings the members hold. S.Coups emphasized that having good communication is the key to their relationship, and Hoshi reflected, “I wonder if it’s fate,” on how the members came together. Seungkwan mentioned that despite fighting and bickering at times, “We can laugh about [those moments] afterwards, and that really strengthened us over time. We know that we love each other a lot,” mentioning, “We still laugh over incidents from 10 years ago.” S.Coups and Hoshi further added that spending time with SEVENTEEN feels just like spending time with friends.

Finally, when asked what existence CARATs meant to them, Dino shared, “CARAT is SEVENTEEN’s reason for existence.”

Wrapping up, each member shared their resolve. Jun remarked, “It will be great if members can promote in good health,” while The8 also emphasized the importance of not getting hurt. S.Coups shared his resolve to work hard after being unable to promote with the members through “God of Music,” while Jeonghan remarked, “I’m excited to greet CARATs.” Woozi shared, “We will become SEVENTEEN that CARATs can be proud of,” and DK concluded, “We always receive great strength from CARATs. This promotion period, we will deliver strength to CARATs. We will take control of the music industry!”

“17 IS RIGHT HERE” dropped on April 29 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out the music video for “MAESTRO” here!