Suho and Hong Ye Ji of “Missing Crown Prince” have taken time for a special interview with Soompi!

“Missing Crown Prince” is a romantic comedy set in the Joseon era about a crown prince who is kidnapped by the woman that is set to become his wife. While on the run for their lives, romance winds up blossoming between them. EXO’s Suho stars as Crown Prince Lee Geon, while Hong Ye Ji plays Choi Myung Yoon, the only daughter of the royal physician Choi Sang Rok.

As the drama continues rising in popularity, the two actors sat down with Soompi to chat about their drama and share more about themselves with fans.

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What aspects of “Missing Crown Prince” should viewers look out for?

Suho: I filmed scenes showcasing Lee Geon’s diverse charms, from his dignified and serious aspects to his cute childishness. Also, although it is not an action drama, we filmed quite intense action scenes, so I think you can also keep an eye on Lee Geon’s tough side.

Hong Ye Ji: Although there are not many lines that are directly romantic, there are many scenes that give romantic vibes by showing that they are thinking of each other. I’m looking forward to how those scenes will look to viewers, and I’m also very curious myself. Furthermore, Myung Yoon makes a lot of decisions due to the changes in her relationship with her father Sang Rok, and I think this aspect can also be a point to watch out for.

Suho, what was it like to film your first historical drama?

Suho: There were a lot of limitations in physical motions, and because I haven’t lived through that time, I studied and practiced the sageuk tone a lot. As I filmed feeling the beauty of Korea, I felt awe like I had really taken a time machine to the Joseon era when filming some scenes.

Hong Ye Ji, how was it filming your second historical drama right after filming “Love Song for Illusion”?

Hong Ye Ji: Honestly, I was very worried. As this project came right after “Love Song for Illusion,” and although the genre is completely different despite both being historical dramas, I was initially concerned, thinking, “I have to show how I’ve improved, but what if I can’t?” However, after receiving and reading the script, I really wanted to take on the drama because the character is so interesting and the story is so well-written. Furthermore, I believed in director Kim Jin Man’s directing! Now, I get the thought that it was a great decision to take on the project.

What was the most memorable food you ate on set?

Suho: We filmed a lot in Mungyeong, and the omija (magnolia berry) tea and grilled doraji (bellflower roots) I ate there were so delicious that I purchased them myself and am eating them at home.

Hong Ye Ji: Tanghulu… These days, I can’t eat it very well because it’s so sweet, but I ate tanghulu often when filming in Mungyeong. Near the end of filming for my previous project “Love Song for Illusion,” a new tanghulu shop opened near the outdoor filming set. I ate there once and was upset because I thought I wouldn’t get to eat there again, but due to filming for “Missing Crown Prince,” I got to visit often, and for a while I ate it often instead of eating meals!

What do you want to achieve as an actor, or what do you hope to hear from viewers who watch your projects?

Suho: I want to become an actor with diverse charms and dimensions. I want to continuously show freshness with every project so viewers [are surprised,] thinking, “Oh this is the actor who played that role [from that past project]?”

Hong Ye Ji: I don’t want to be limited by a particular genre, and I want to become someone who takes on numerous genres in various ways. My goal is to hear, “She’s the actress who played that role from that past project? She feels like a completely different person, I couldn’t recognize her!”

What is the first K-drama from your memory?

Suho: I remember that “Stairway to Heaven” left a strong impression on me. Watching that drama made me think that I want to be an actor.

Hong Ye Ji: From what I remember, I think “Boys Over Flowers” was my first drama. It was shocking to me in many ways. I was only around 7 or 8 years old at the time, and I would always tune in even though I didn’t understand it very well.

How do you spend your free time these days?

Suho: I do boxing sometimes. I do “diet boxing” as aerobic exercise, and I think it is quite good for my health.

Hong Ye Ji: I’m really into reading these days. When I’m working on a project, I’m busy looking at lines, and my emotions get shaken up, so I tend not to watch other productions or read books, but because Myung Yoon’s emotions are deeper than expected, I felt the need to refresh a bit. Recently, I started reading a lot again, and I enjoy the feeling of focusing on books when reading, and I enjoy it because it feels like the whole world becomes quiet.

What have you enjoyed watching on YouTube recently?

Suho: I have been enjoying Psick Univ’s “Psick Show” since a long time ago. I hope to appear on the show sometime if the opportunity comes.

Hong Ye Ji: I often watch travel videos and reaction videos for dating shows. Since I don’t have enough time to watch the full shows because of drama filming, I usually watch short summary videos or reaction videos.

What do you usually drink when you go to cafes?

Suho: I usually drink warm beverages that are good for my throat like jujube (red date) tea or yuja (citrus) tea.

Hong Ye Ji: I usually order chamomile tea or an iced americano!

Please share a TMI about yourself!

Suho: I got clothing altered, and it returned with a slight stain haha. These days, I just think of stains as making the clothing vintage and wear them as they are haha.

Hong Ye Ji: This is really TMI, but I ate truffle gnocchi today 🙂

What are your goals for this year?

Suho: This year, my drama airs, my solo album will be released, and I will also hold a solo concert. Last year, I went to an awards show where actors and artists were both present. It’s not a goal, but I think it would be really fun if I could perform at the awards show and also receive an award as an actor.

Hong Ye Ji: Personally, I want to become stronger in mind and body! As an actress, I thought, “I want to try filming two projects this year if possible,” and I think I will be able to achieve that goal through “Missing Crown Prince.”

Please share a word for international fans who are tuning in to “Missing Crown Prince”!

Suho: I heard that the drama is available internationally [with subtitles] in diverse languages. I think the fun and emotion delivered by the drama will double if you watch me together with the beauty of traditional Korean aspects. Please show lots of interest and love!

Hong Ye Ji: I’m working hard to study the perspectives of Myung Yoon and the viewers who watch“Missing Crown Prince”! We will show diverse emotions through each episode, so please look forward to it~! Thank you!

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