The cast of “Boys Be Brave!” has joined Soompi for a special interview!

Based on a popular webtoon, “Boys Be Brave!” is a BL rom-com drama that follows the story that unfolds when Jung Ki Sub (Nam Si An) begins to unexpectedly live at Kim Jin Woo’s (Kim Sung Hyen’s) house. The story also involves their friend Choi Balgeum (Jung Yeo Jun) and Ji In Ho (Ahn Se Min).

With the broadcast of the final two episodes today, “Boys Be Brave!” has now come to a close. Ahead of the drama’s conclusion, Kim Sung Hyen, Nam Si An, Jung Yeo Jun, and Ahn Se Min took time to talk to Soompi about their drama and also share a bit more about themselves.

Read their interview below:

What led you to star in “Boys Be Brave!”? What were your thoughts upon reading the script for the first time?

Kim Sung Hyen: It was meaningful to try the new genre of BL, and the script was fun. Jin Woo is a common yet not an ordinary character, so I thought it would be a fun project to do.

Nam Si An: After reading the script, I thought the solid story composition, the characters’ charms, and fun elements were great. I particularly enjoyed that the four characters felt alive.

Jung Yeo Jun: I decided to star [in the drama] when I met the director and discussed the character Balgeum. The director’s idea of ​​Balgeum and my idea of ​​Balgeum were consistent in many ways, so I was excited at the thought that it would be fun and that there would be a lot to learn on set. When I first read the scenario, I felt that it was very diverse because each character has a unique charm. In particular, the story of Balgeum and In Ho was so emotional that it strongly resonated with me.

Ahn Se Min: I read the script thinking I want to try a new genre, and I decided to star [in the drama] because I found the characters with their own unique charms to be very fun and interesting.

In percentages, how similar do you think you are to your character?

Kim Sung Hyen: About 50 percent. Basically, we are similar in that we both have cynical and introverted personalities with lots of internal conflict, but we are different in that he gets easily influenced by others’ opinions and has difficulty expressing his beliefs.

Nam Si An: About 10 percent?! ^^ I have a similar personality in that I think that what’s good is just good also, but I think I am different from the one-dimensional aspect of Ki Sub!! I tend to have a lot of thoughts running through my head ^^

Jung Yeo Jun: 85 percent? I think we have similar personalities in that we are positive and work hard at everything. However, I think [Balgeum] is a bit different from me in that he thinks about reputation and hesitates when it comes to love. I go all out ^^

Ahn Se Min: I think it’s around 30 percent. In Ho is a character who goes all out for love and honestly confesses his feelings to his crush, but I am the type of person who takes enough time to get to know someone slowly and express my feelings. Still, I think it was a good opportunity to study a little more while playing a character that has opposite tendencies from me.

Which of your scenes is your favorite? Are there any behind-the-scenes stories from filming that scene?

Kim Sung Hyen: There was a scene where I went to Hoengseong Station to look for Ki Sub, and there was a moment when I had to get off the train. The train only stops for about 30 seconds, and I had to act out a scene where I had to get on and off the train within that time. I only had one chance, and all of the passengers on the train were looking at me, so it was a heart-pounding moment.

Nam Si An: I think a memorable scene is when I move into Jin Woo’s house, there is a scene where I tussle with Balgeum. While filming that scene, I got truly immersed to the point that Yeo Jun wanted to sincerely run away, so it was suddenly difficult.😂 That’s how Yeo Jun got slightly hurt also..!!

Jung Yeo Jun: The scene where Balgeum and In Ho promise each other to meet again at the pub where Balgeum works part-time! That was also my last day of filming, so I felt sad about that, and I personally think that I also had the highest concentration at that emotional scene.

Ahn Se Min: There is a scene where Balgeum reveals his true feelings that he has been holding back to In Ho. This is my favorite scene because the lines and emotions touched me so much that I shed tears while acting. I think it lingers in my memory longer because I heard that the director also shed tears when filming this scene.

Which character do you think would be best to have as an actual roommate?

Kim Sung Hyen: Ahn Se Min’s character In Ho because I think my personality matched the best with Se Min on set.

Nam Si An: Balgeum!! I think our personalities match well ^^

Jung Yeo Jun: Ki Sub!

Ahn Se Min: Ki Sub is a cheerful and funny character who jokes around a lot, so I think I wouuld have fun and laugh a lot every day if we were roommates.

Which actor gave the strongest first impression?

Kim Sung Hyen: Nam Si An. I met him without knowing at all who my co-star is, so I was really anticipating it.

Nam Si An: Se Min! He is such a bright person that we were able to become close right away.

Jung Yeo Jun: Kim Sung Hyen! I was surprised because he was very similar to the Jin Woo character in the original webtoon!

Ahn Se Min: I think Si An left a strong first impression because he approached me without hesitation from the first meeting. Thanks to that, I was able to adapt quickly and become more close.

Room with your crush while hiding your feelings vs. Bravely confess to your crush and get rejected

Kim Sung Hyen: Confess and get rejected.

Nam Si An: Confess and get rejected. I think personality-wise, it would feel uncomfortable and frustrating for me to hide my feelings.

Jung Yeo Jun: Confess and get rejected! It’s hard for me to hide my feelings. I think it will show right away through my facial expressions.

Ahn Se Min: I will choose to confess to my crush and get rejected. I think it would be even harder to live while hiding my feelings and acting normally around the person I like.

What is a genre or drama role that you haven’t done that you would like to try in the future?

Kim Sung Hyen: Mystery thriller. An impactful character who appears to be ordinary but creates a plot twist (like Michèle in the film “Elle” or Maureen in the film “Personal Shopper”).

Nam Si An: I want to take on the role of a police officer or pilot because they were my dream jobs when I was young ^^

Jung Yeo Jun: There are so many, but what I want to try right now is a medical drama. I would like to try the role of an intelligent doctor!

Ahn Se Min: While filming a quarreling scene with Balgeum, there was an opportunity to briefly learn action from a martial arts director. After working well together, it felt even more fun, and it was an informative experience. That’s why I got the thought that I want to try powerful action as well afterwards.

Please share a random TMI about yourself!

Kim Sung Hyen: I have been using my iPhone X for six years now.

Nam Si An: I really enjoy being alone sometimes!! 😂

Jung Yeo Jun: I hate crunchy food. I even leave snacks open and eat them the next day!

Ahn Se Min: I want to eat meat right now!

Please share a word for viewers of “Boys Be Brave!”

Kim Sung Hyen: We worked hard on filming in the cold weather. I hope you enjoy watching. I will do my best on my personal projects and will also greet you with a more entertaining project.

Nam Si An: The actors and staff all worked hard to film “Boys Be Brave!” so please show lots of interest and support! Also, please show me lots of love🫶I hope you enjoy watching!! I will greet everyone with a new project in the future, so please look forward to it. Thank you!

Jung Yeo Jun: The actors and staff all worked hard to film, so please show lots of support for “Boys Be Brave!” And I will continue to impress through more projects, so please show lots of love and interest!

Ahn Se Min: Hello, I’m Ahn Se Min who plays the role of In Ho in “Boys Be Brave!” Thank you for loving our drama and showing us lots of interest. It’s a project that the director, writer, all the staff, and actors worked hard to film, so it would be great if you remember [our drama] for a long time to come. I will greet viewers with more diverse projects going forward, so please show lots of love and support to me as well. Thank you!

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