Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to get a head start on your spring cleaning! Start off easy by refreshing your playlist with some of these K-pop bops. Whether they’re new releases or oldies but goodies, these are sure to put some spring pep in your step!


There’s no group that does a fun, energizing K-pop hit quite like TWICE, and the latest release is no exception. If you’re into a little bit of a video game-esque electronic soundtrack and some vocals that stun, then this song is definitely for you! TWICE really lit up the K-pop scene with this one.

ENHYPEN – “Upper Side Dreamin’”

A beloved B-side from ENHYPEN’s 2021 album “DIMENSION : DILEMMA,” this song feels like the brand-new start of spring all in one song. It’s peppy without being over-the-top bubblegum, and the chorus is so addictive that you’ll probably get it stuck in your head. It’s every bit as good as the day it was released!

STAYC – “Teddy Bear”

The reigning queens of bubblegum K-pop right now, STAYC released “Teddy Bear” last year. The song is absolutely everything you could want in terms of bright energy and vocals that amaze, and the choreography is just too cute. STAYC never fails when it comes to concepts like this!

NCT DREAM – “Hello Future”

Spring is the season of new beginnings, which is a lot like what this song sounds like! Letting go of old worries and looking forward to what the future holds is one of the best feelings, and this song captures that perfectly. It’s also just the right amount of “busy” in a good way—it’s easy to forget your fears while listening to this song!


The dance challenge that’s currently got a chokehold on the K-pop community—it’s LE SSERAFIM’s “Smart”! With a cool reggaeton influence, this song feels unique compared to other trends going through the industry without being too out-of-the-box crazy. It’s a dance song for sure!

TXT – “Blue Hour”

Honestly, if you don’t have this song on your spring playlist already, what are you doing!? “Blue Hour” was an instant hit back when it was released in 2020, sending TXT straight to K-pop stardom. With a melody that makes you feel like you’re running through a grassy field, it’s spring no matter where you are with this song!

NMIXX – “Roller Coaster”

A recent release from NMIXX, the song starts out pretty soft and builds to a big finale—just like a roller coaster! The chorus is super fun and sweet, but the lighter verses keep it from being too overwhelming. If you like your songs to have good ups and downs, then “Roller Coaster” is the perfect choice!

Stray Kids – “Get Cool”

For longtime Stray Kids fans it’s hard to believe that it’s been more than five years since this song was released, but it’s still just as funky and fresh as it was back then! It’s a huge vibe change from Stray Kids’ regular releases, but “Get Cool” is every bit as refreshing as it sounds. A great choice for a spring playlist!

Red Velvet – “Feel My Rhythm”

Just from the music video alone, the spring vibes that you get from this song are immaculate! The vocals on this are stunning, as expected from any Red Velvet track, and the melody is lovely. The title track from “The ReVe Festival 2022,” it was definitely the song of spring that year and continues to be a great spring option.

BTS – “Spring Day”

This one is a K-pop classic for a reason! While it’s not the same bright, peppy style as the other recommendations on this list, it’s impossible to keep a song called “Spring Day” off of a list of spring songs. This one is perfect to listen to during a spring shower when the rain is coming down—or really just any time!

What are your favorite songs for spring? Tell us below!