The English adaptation project of David Fincher’s Squid Game has just been updated. It seems that the famous filmmaker has been working on the project for several years, with a screenwriter at his side, and that he is currently writing the remake.

The Playlist has confirmed latest reports that Fincher is developing an American and English version of the hit South Korean series Squid Game for Netflix, revealing that the director has been quietly working on the remake for two years. To write his version of Squid Game, Fincher called on British screenwriter Dennis Kelly.

The latter wrote the screenplay for Utopia, which Fincher almost directed for HBO before the project failed for budgetary reasons. Additionally, as part of his exclusive deal with Netflix, Fincher reportedly developed a Chinatown prequel series for the streaming service in 2019.

What we know about season 2 of Squid Game - Casting, Filming

However, after the premiere of Squid Game, which became a global phenomenon in 2021, the filmmaker decided to change course by putting Chinatown aside. While it’s unclear exactly where Fincher’s adaptation of Squid Game stands, the mere fact that he abandoned Chinatown, which was reportedly completed, seems to indicate that the remake will be his next project.

As for the Fincher adaptation, Netflix has made no official comment, and the streamer’s head Ted Sarandos has seemingly contradicted reports that the project was already in development. “ Since the main series is still ongoing, there is absolutely no reason for Netflix to do a remake“, he said earlier this year. In the meantime, the second season of Squid Game arrives in December.

David Fincher's Squid Game Remake Gets an Update K-Selection

Squid Game star announces many twists and turns for season 2

According to Lee Jung-jae, star of the series, the second season of Squid Game will be full of twists and turns and the story will be sure to surprise viewers. The Emmy Award-winning comedian highlighted the emotional depth of the series’ storyline as well as the unexpected twist it will take for viewers. He declared: “ I think the storyline of season 2 is even more interesting than season 1, and there will be new characters as well.. “

The Acolyte actor then added: “  What I felt when reading the script is that we discover an even deeper emotion in season 2, and I also believe that viewers will say to themselves: “Where is this story going to take us ? Because there are so many twists and turns

David Fincher's Squid Game Remake Gets an Update K-Selection

While waiting to learn more about the development of David Fincher’s English adaptation of Squid Game, fans can still rewatch the original South Korean series on Netflix.

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