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Lee Young Ji’s collaboration with EXO’s D.O. in the music video for “Small Girl” has garnered explosive attention.

On June 17th, Lee Young Ji teased the song, explaining, “I’m proud and happy to be tall, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be small in a relationship. This song started from that cute fantasy.” “Small Girl” is an autobiographical track where Lee Young Ji sings, “Boy, I got a small girl fantasy/ Baby, would you still love me?/ Though I got a big laugh, big voice, and big personality.”

The music video, featuring D.O., was released on the 21st and broke 2 million views in less than a day. The video’s warm reception is due in part to the relatable and charming storyline between Lee Young Ji and D.O..

In the music video, Lee Young Ji’s character harbors feelings for D.O. Their flirtatious relationship faces a hurdle when a petite new hire joins the workplace, leading to jealousy and insecurity for Lee Young Ji. Despite this, D.O.’s character remains fond of Lee Young Ji, culminating in a heartwarming beach scene where he unexpectedly kisses her on the cheek. Lee Young Ji’s embarrassed reaction adds to the video’s cuteness, sparking widespread discussion online.

The cheek kiss has become particularly notable, contributing to the video’s viral status. Within just 24 hours, “Small Girl” surpassed 2 million views and continues to climb, reaching 2.16 million views as of 4 PM on the 22nd.

Expressing her joy, Lee Young Ji said, “I’m so happy. I feel like I can do even better next time. Thank you for listening.” She celebrated the video’s top spot on trending videos, saying, “Thank you! I’m over the moon.”

Meanwhile, D.O. recently wrapped up a successful fan concert in Taipei. Held on June 22nd and 23rd, the “Bloom in Taipei” event marked his first solo Asia fan concert, attracting numerous local fans.

On the final day of the concert, Lee Young Ji made a surprise appearance, performing their collaboration “Small Girl” live, much to the delight of the audience. The fans’ enthusiastic cheers filled the venue.

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