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The official music video for CSR’s song “Pretty Mob” was released on YouTube on June 11, 2024.  The video shows the members performing the choreography for the song in various sets and locations.

This video has a darker, more mysterious concept compared to their previous releases, with the members wearing edgy outfits and styling. The choreography features sharp movements and powerful expressions from the members and as of the 12th of June, the official music video has over 12K views on YouTube and a clean acapella and audio versions of the song were also uploaded.

Additionally, a song review from The Bias List describes “Pretty Mob” as having “a subdued, almost haunting groove” with “rhythmic stabs” that “give the production some kick.” The review suggests a departure from CSR’s usual bright and upbeat sound towards a darker, more impactful concept for this comeback.

So to summarise, this music video showcases CSR’s new edgy and mysterious concept through the members’ styling, choreography, and the song’s haunting production, marking an evolution in their musical direction.

CSR(첫사랑) ‘Pretty mob’ OFFICIAL MV

More About CSR

CSR Members to Participate in Chuang Asia: Thailand Survival Show

On January 15, 2024, it was announced that four members of CSR – Geumhee, Seoyeon, Duna (the current leader), and Yeham – will be participating in the survival show Chuang Asia: Thailand (also known as Produce Camp Asia: Thailand). 

This is likely the “overseas schedule” that was referenced for those members having difficulty with group activities.On March 2nd, Seoyeon, Yeham and Geumhee were eliminated in the first round of the show, finishing in 53rd, 57th and 59th place respectively. 

On April 6th, Duna was also eliminated in the final episode, finishing in 14th place overall.

CSR to Release New Single Album and Japanese Debut

With 4 members participating in Chuang Asia, the remaining 3 members – Sihyeon, Yuna, and Sua – will continue group activities as a temporary trio unit.On May 29th, it was announced that CSR will release their second single album titled “L’heure Bleue” on June 11, 2024, over a year after their previous comeback in March 2023 with the EP “Delight”. 

Additionally, the group will release their first Japanese extended play on July 3rd and hold a 5-stop Japan tour from June 29th to July 19th, marking their official debut in Japan.So in summary, while 4 members participated in Chuang Asia without success, the remaining trio will promote a new Korean single in June followed by their Japanese debut in early July as CSR continues group activities.

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