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Choi Wonyoung (최원영) is a South Korean actor under Saram Entertainment known for the TV dramas While You Were Sleeping (2011) and A Hundred Year Legacy (2013), and the thriller Your Time Is Up (2012). He made his acting debut in 2002 with the film ‘Sex Is Zero’ as Park Chansoo.

Stage Name: Choi Wonyoung (최원영)
Birth Name: Choi Seong Wook (최성욱)
Birthday: December 10th, 1975
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 182 cm (6′0″)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @choiwonyoung76
Facebook: @saram.choiwonyoung

Choi Wonyoung Facts:
– His Chinese zodiac is Rabbit.
– In December 2013, Choi became engaged to actress Shim Yiyoung whom he met while playing a married couple in the series A Hundred Year Legacy.
– The couple got married on February 28th, 2014, at the Grand Ballroom of the COEX Walkerhill Hotel in Samseong-dong.
– On June 22nd, 2014, they welcomed their first child, a daughter.

Choi Wonyoung’s K-Dramas:
Drama City Short: “She’s Smiling” (드라마 시티) | KBS2 / as Hyungjin (2006)
Heaven & Earth (하늘만큼 땅만큼) | KBS1 / as Jang Youngmin (2007)
Beautiful Days (아름다운 시절) | KBS1 / as Im Kyungho (2007)
You Are My Destiny (너는 내 운명) | KBS1 / as Nam Gyeongwoo (2008)
Two Wives (두 아내) | SBS / as Lee Youngmin (2009)
Queen Seondeok (선덕여왕) | MBC / as General Gyebaek (2009)
Hometown Legends (전설의 고향) | KBS2 / as Jinsung (2009)
Definitely Neighbors (이웃집 웬수) | SBS / as Chae Kihoon (2010)
Drama City Short: “After the Opera” (드라마 시티) | KBS2 / as Lee Jongdo (2010)
Stormy Lovers (폭풍의 연인) | MBC / as Lee Taewoon (2010)
While You Were Sleeping (당신이 잠든 사이) | SBS / as Yoon Minjoon (2011)
Tasty Life (맛있는 인생) | SBS / as Kang Inchul (2012)
A Hundred Year Legacy (백년의 유산) | MBC / as Kim Chugyul (2013)
Wonderful Mama (원더풀 마마) | SBS / as a homeless man (cameo, episode 8) (2013)
Dating Agency: Cyrano (연애조작단: 시라노) | tvN / as a sommelier (cameo, episode 1) (2013)
After School: Lucky or Not (방과 후 복불복) | Nate Hoppin,  BTV, & T-store / as a priest (cameo) (2013)
The Heirs (왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들) | SBS / as Yoon Jaeho (2013 )
Three Days (쓰리 데이즈) | SBS / as Kim Dojin (2014)
Drama City Short:”Climb the Sky Walls” (드라마 시티) | KBS2 / as the Coach (2014)
Diary of a Night Watchman (야경꾼 일지) | MBC / as King Haejong (guest appearance) (2014)
Secret Door (비밀의 문) | SBS / as Chae Jegong (2014)
Kill Me, Heal Me (킬미, 힐미) | MBC / as Ahn Gook (2015)
Hello Monster (너를 기억해) | KBS2 / as Lee Joonho (2015)
Second 20s (두번째 스무살) | tvN / as Kim Woochul (2015)
Come Back Mister (돌아와요 아저씨) | SBS / as Cha Jaeguk (2016)
The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (월계수 양복점 신사들) | KBS2 / as Sung Taepyung (2016)
Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (화랑) | KBS2 / Ahn Jigong (2017)
While You Were Sleeping (당신이 잠든 사이에) | SBS / N/A (guest appearance) (2017)
Mad Dog (매드독) | KBS2 / as Joo Hyungi (2017)
Doubtful Victory (의문의 일승) | SBS / as Jang Pilsung (2017)
Where Stars Land (여우각시별) | SBS / as Han Jaeyoung (2018)
Sky Castle (SKY 캐슬) | JTBC / as Hwang Chiyoung (2018)
Doctor Prisoner (닥터 프리즈너) | KBS2 / as Lee Jaejoon (2019)
The Nokdu Flower (녹두꽃) | SBS / as Hwang Seokjoo (2019)
Hyena (하이에나) | SBS, Netflix / as Gong Hyungook (2020)
Mystic Pop-up Bar (쌍갑포차) | JTBC / as Chief Gwi (2020)
Alice (앨리스) | SBS / as Seok Ohwon (2020)
My Dangerous Wife (나의 위험한 아내) | MBN / as Kim Yoonchul (2020)
Youth of May (월의 청춘) | KBS2 / as Hwang Heetae (2021)
Reflection of You (너를 닮은 사람) | jTBC, Netflix / as Ahn Hyunsung (2021)
When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon (꽃 피면 달 생각하고) | KBS2 / as Lee Shiheum (2021)

Choi Wonyoung’s Movies:
Sex Is Zero (색즉시공) as Park Chansoo (2002)
Sisily 2km (시실리 2km) as Hanseok (2004)
Love in Magic (연애술사) as Han Joonseok (2005)
Tarzan Park Heungsuk (무등산타잔, 박흥숙) as Kang Hyunwoo (2005)
Cheaters (내 여자의 남자친구) as Seokho (2007)
Chaw (차우) as Sibi prosecutor (cameo) (2009)
The Outlaw (무법자) as Park Sungchul (2010)
Earth Rep Rolling Stars (지구대표 롤링 스타즈) (animated) as Jack (voice) (2011)
In Love and War (적과의 동침) as Jaebok (cameo) (2011)
Perfect Game (퍼펙트 게임) as Sportscaster (cameo) (2011)
Grape Candy (청포도 사탕) as Jihoon (2012)
Ghost Sweepers (점쟁이들) as Choi Seungwoo (cameo) (2012)
Confession of Murder (내가 살인범이다) as Jeong Taeseok (2012)
Your Time Is Up (누구나 제 명에 죽고 싶다) as Seokho (2013)
Novel Meets Movie (소설, 영화와 만나다) as Donggyu (2013)
The Plan Man (플랜맨) as Kang Byungsoo (2014)
Looking for My Family (어떤 가족) as Taeseong (2015)
Jesters: The Game Changer (광대들: 풍문조작단) as Hong Yoonsung (2019)
Oh! My Gran (오! 문희) as Kang Hyung Sa (2020)
The Book of Fish (자산어보) as Jeong Yak Jong (2021)

Choi Wonyoung Awards:
2017 KBS Drama Awards | Best Supporting Actor (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth; Mad Dog)
2019 KBS Drama Awards | Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries (Doctor Prisoner)

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