Choi Sung Min Profile & Facts

Choi Sung Min (최성민) is a South Korean singer, dancer, rapper, and actor. He is former member of Co-ed School and SPEED.

Birth Name: Choi Sung Min (최성민)
Birthday: December 7, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig
Height: 180 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: from_mean
TikTok: from_mean
Twitter: speed_sm
YouTube: from_mean

Choi Sung Min Facts:
– He was born in either Gwangju, or Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea.
– His younger sister is Yena.
– Education: Plug-in Music Middle School, Joy Dance Academy, and Anyang Arts High School.
– He debuted in Co-ed School in 2010.
– In 2012, he debuted in Co-ed School‘s male unit, SPEED.
– He is close friends with the actor Hyun Woo.
– His mom didn’t want Yena to become an idol because he didn’t do well. (Produce 48)
– Sungmin dislikes vegetables.
– He made his acting debut in the 2013 KBS Drama Special “Chagall’s Birthday”.
– Sungmin and Yena are very close.
– He graduated Anyang Arts High School on February 7, 2014.
– He finds his biggest talent is popping
– Sungmin has 3 dogs named Soy Sauce, Bibi, and Rudy.
– In June 2016, Sungmin left MBK Entertainment.
– He worked part-time at a café after SPEED‘s disbandment.
– His hobbies are playing the drums and listening to music.
– He signed with Star Camp 202 on June 26, 2016 to pursue his acting career.
– His dad is his role model.
– Sungmin’s MBTI is ESTJ.
– His hobbies are playing drums, taking photos, and listening to music.
– He appeared in the MV for Davichi‘s song ”Don’t Move”.
– Sungmin enlisted for the military in July 2019.
– After being discharged, he signed with Management Air in September 2021.

Choi Sung Min Drama Series:
My Dear Cat | Yeon Chi Joo (2014 / KBS1)
Here Comes Love | Kim Ho Young (2016 / SBS)
School 2017 | Han Duk Soo (2017 / KBS2)
Reunited Worlds | Dong Hyun [Young] (2017 / SBS)
Love to the End | Park Ji Hoon (2018 / KBS2)
Risky Romance | Min Gi (2018 / MBC)
Broke Rookie Star | Si Woo (2022 / KBS WORLD)

Choi Sung Min Drama Specials:
Chagall’s Birthday | Jing Goo (2013 / KBS2)
The Legendary Lackey | Kim Min Soo (2016 / KBS2)

Choi Sung Min Variety Shows:
Weekly Idol | Ep. 91 (2011)
After School Club | Ep. 53 (2013)
After_zzZ | Ep. 28 (2020)
Ye Na’s Animal Detective | Ep. 1, 6, 12-13 (2021)
DNA Mate | Ep. 22-23, 30, 36 (2022)

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