JTBC’s upcoming rom-com drama “Miss Night and Day” has unveiled an intriguing new poster!

“Miss Night and Day” is a romantic comedy about a young job seeker who suddenly finds herself trapped in the body of a 50-year-old woman and a skilled prosecutor who becomes entangled with her. The drama is helmed by director Lee Hyeong Min of the hit series “I’m Sorry, I Love You” and “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

Lee Mi Jin (Jeong Eun Ji) is a job seeker in her 20s who rapidly ages into her 50s when the sun rises. Taking this as an opportunity, Lee Mi Jin applies for a senior intern position under the name Im Soon (Lee Jung Eun) and lands the job she’s always wanted. Im Soon then starts working as an intern under the demanding and workaholic prosecutor Gye Ji Woong (Choi Jin Hyuk).

The poster teases the dynamic between Gye Ji Woong and the two versions of Lee Mi Jin. While working under Gye Ji Woong, Im Soon finds herself at odds with him, but despite his stern demeanor and sharp glares, Im Soon never fails to respond with a sly smile.

In the poster, as Gye Ji Woong starts to pull Im Soon closer, she begins to revert to her true 20-year-old self, Lee Mi Jin. This transformation is mirrored by a noticeable shift in Gye Ji Woong’s behavior; his once stern eyes now soften with warmth and affection.

The poster further hints at a budding romance as Lee Mi Jin naturally leans into Gye Ji Woong’s embrace. The tagline, “They’re obviously different yet strangely familiar,” encapsulates Gye Ji Woong’s growing curiosity about why he feels a sense of familiarity with both Lee Mi Jin and Im Soon.

How will Gye Ji Woong react when he uncovers their secret, and how will their relationships change? Find out in the premiere of “Miss Night and Day” on June 15 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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