The upcoming film “Following” has unveiled character posters featuring its three main characters!

“Following” is a mystery thriller film that follows the story of Koo Jung Tae (Byun Yo Han), a real estate agent who witnesses the death of Han So Ra (Shin Hye Sun), an influencer whom he has been secretly observing. He then starts digging into the life of Han So Ra to be cleared of murder charges. Lee El will play the role of homicide detective Oh Young Joo, who meticulously and persistently investigates the disappearance of Han So Ra.

In the newly released posters, Koo Jung Tae’s seemingly innocent smile is juxtaposed with the text, “I would never do anything bad. I’m simply just watching,” hinting at his double life.

Han So Ra’s poster also intriguingly hints at her dual persona with the text, “Showing a little lie isn’t a sin, right?” stirring curiosity about the situations she will face because of this.

Oh Young Joo’s resolute gaze, coupled with her assertive declaration, “All of this is a crime,” underscores the tenacity with which she will pursue the truth.

Finally, emblazoned across the group poster is the tantalizing phrase, “A mysterious death, and a game of truth that ensued,” sparking intrigue and anticipation for the film’s unfolding narrative.

“Following” will hit theaters on May 15. Watch a teaser here!

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