MBC’s upcoming drama “Black Out” has confirmed its broadcast plans!

“Black Out” is a new project written by Seo Joo Yeon, known for the “Save Me 2” series, and directed by Byun Young Joo, acclaimed for “Helpless” and “The Murmuring.” Adapted from the best-selling German mystery novel “Snow White Must Die,” this crime thriller drama follows a young man accused of murder in a mysterious case where no body was found. 10 years later, he embarks on a journey to uncover the truth of that fateful day.

Byun Yo Han plays Go Jung Woo, a 19-year-old high school student arrested for the murder of two female classmates. Just as he is about to enter a prestigious medical school, Jung Woo is accused of a murder he doesn’t remember committing and spends 10 years in prison. After his release, he plans to leave his hometown and start a new life, but a series of strange events keep him from leaving.

Go Joon plays Noh Sang Chul, a detective assigned to Go Jung Woo’s case. Sang Chul, once a top police academy graduate and a promising elite detective, sees his life and career crumble when his bride is brutally murdered on their wedding day. This tragedy leads to his demotion to a local police station. Despite this setback, he is drawn back into Jung Woo’s case due to a new incident, intertwining their fates.

Actress Go Bo Gyeol plays Choi Na Gyeom, a top star and Jung Woo’s high school classmate. Na Gyeom has long had a crush on Jung Woo and has supported him devotedly throughout his 10 years in prison. She dreams of a happy life with him after his release.

Meanwhile, Kim Bo Ra plays Ha Seol. A medical student on a leave of absence, Ha Seol travels around the country on a scooter. She ends up working as a part-time restaurant employee in Mucheon Village, where the incident takes place.

A representative of MBC shared, “‘Black Out’ reveals the sinister side lurking beneath the facade of a seemingly tight-knit village, where neighbors are practically family, caught up in a murder case. The show explores the complexity of human nature, expertly crafted with immersive direction and a strong plot. As the series unfolds, we expect to deliver compelling twists that will captivate viewers.”

“Black Out” is scheduled to air on MBC as a Friday-Saturday drama in August. Stay tuned for more updates!

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