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It has been reported that numerous people have been scammed while trying to obtain tickets to the fan meeting of Lovely Runner star Byun Woo Seok. Some victims have been reported to have experienced sexual harassment.

JTBC shared the stories of victims who were scammed while trying to obtain tickets for the actor’s fan meeting on June 19th.

Byun Woo Seok proved his superstardom when ticket sales kicked off. Even though the event could only seat 8,000 fans over two days, 700,000 people tried to buy tickets at the same time, crashing the server.

This high demand pushed fans who missed out on official sales to explore online resale platforms. Here, JTBC reports, ticket prices skyrocketed from the original 77,000 won ($55) to a shocking range of 750,000 won ($540) and even as high as 9,000,000 won ($6489).

Capitalizing on this desperation, scammers devised elaborate schemes to lure victims. They’d present fabricated evidence of successful purchases, including details like names, student IDs, and dates, sometimes even manipulating entire screen captures.

One victim recounted the experience, “They sent everything for the transfer – date, time, the whole thing. It looked completely real. But after I paid, I realized it was all fake. The reservation number, the time, everything was photoshopped.”

Some scammers went further by sending obscene videos to mock the victims, even demanding specific body parts of the victims.

Another victim said, “Even though I knew it was probably a scam, the chance to see my favorite actor again was so tempting. It’s awful how they prey on that feeling to steal from people.”

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