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BTS member Jungkook, currently serving in the military, surprised fans with an adorable update on Weverse on April 14th. He wrote, “Since I can’t post about myself right now, I decided to show off my adorable pet dog instead! Have a happy ‘night.’ Bowwow_bam. Solidarity!”

The cryptic English phrase turned out to be the username for a new Instagram account dedicated to Jungkook’s beloved dog, Bam. The account features several pictures of Bam, with one video even containing a voice fans believe belongs to Jungkook.

Credit: Weverse

Fans have flooded the new account with messages like “The voice in the video sounds exactly like Jungkook,” “Thank you for sharing Bam’s news,” and “Dad of Bam finally opened Bam’s account!”


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Bam’s dad(@bowwow_bam)님의 공유 게시물

Jungkook’s love for Bam is well-known. In 2021, he earned the nickname “Best Dog Dad” from international media after serenading his furry friend on a reality show. Fans also praised him for raising Bam beautifully without undergoing ear cropping and tail docking, which are common cosmetic surgeries for dogs.

Earlier, in February of last year, Jungkook made headlines by suddenly deleting his Instagram account, which had over 52.4 million followers. The value of the account he deleted is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of won, which added to the surprise.

Credit: Weverse

Fans initially suspected hacking, but Jungkook quickly reassured them on Weverse, explaining he simply wasn’t using the platform much anymore and decided to delete the account altogether.

While direct updates from Jungkook himself might be on hold until his discharge, it seems Bam is happy to step in and keep ARMY entertained. Jungkook enlisted in December 2023 and is expected to be discharged in June 2025.

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