In a new interview and pictorial for Singles magazine, BOYNEXTDOOR dished on their motivation, their upcoming comeback, and more!

Less than 100 days into their career, the rookie boy group from Zico’s KOZ Entertainment is already gearing up for their first comeback. Ahead of the release of their first EP “WHY..,” the six members of BOYNEXTDOOR sat down for a post-shoot interview with Singles.

When asked about the driving force that motivates them, the idols chose their fans. Looking back on their debut this past spring, Leehan recalled, “Even up until the day before our debut, it didn’t feel real. It was only when I saw the fans cheering for us with my own eyes that it finally kicked in for the first time that I was actually debuting.”

He added, “It was a dazzling moment in my life that I will never be able to forget.”

Taesan agreed, “The moment I hear our fans’ cheers, I get a surge of adrenaline, so even after I step off stage, I don’t feel tired.”

Notably, BOYNEXTDOOR members Woonhak, Taesan, and Jaehyun all participated in writing for their upcoming EP.

“Having a song I worked on included on our album was a special experience,” said Woonhak, “and it was an opportunity for me to grow.”

Jaehyun also spoke about being inspired by his own real-life experiences, noting, “The many experiences we have in our daily lives become great ingredients for making good music.”

As for future goals, he shared, “These days, I feel grateful to the people who love us, so we’ll definitely make a fan song one day no matter what.”

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BOYNEXTDOOR Talks About Writing For Upcoming EP + Being Inspired By Real-Life Experiences

Reflecting on where they are in their career right now, Sungho commented, “We’re in the process of growing, with the mindset that we want to try lots of different genres and keep our options open.”

Finally, Riwoo remarked, “I hope that even after time passes, we won’t forget the hunger we had as trainees and the passion we have now.”

BOYNEXTDOOR Talks About Writing For Upcoming EP + Being Inspired By Real-Life Experiences

BOYNEXTDOOR’s first EP “WHY..” will be released on September 4.


Source: Soompi