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Superstars Park Bo Gum and Suzy couldn’t work their usual magic at the box office. Wonderland quickly fell out of the top 10 box office movies despite a heavy promotional push and is now leaving theaters with less than a million views.

The film, which opened on June 5th, tells a story about reuniting with loved ones through an AI-powered video call service. It marked director Kim Tae Yong’s return to commercial filmmaking after 13 years since Late Autumn. The film made headlines for having a star-studded cast including Tang Wei, Jung Yumi, and Choi Woo Shik alongside Park Bo Gum and Suzy.

However, Wonderland only attracted 617,690 viewers, falling short of the reported break-even point of 2.9 million. Reviews from moviegoers on the CGV Golden Egg Index were mixed, with some expressing disappointment in the unconvincing story.

After a three-year wait since filming and just 22 days in theaters, Wonderland is headed straight to VOD services on June 27th. This early VOD release suggests the film’s theatrical run underperformed significantly.

This flop highlights a possible shift in Korean cinema, where even big-name actors might not guarantee box office success if the story itself isn’t compelling.

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