Upcoming film “Pilot” has unveiled new stills!

“Pilot” is a new comedy film that tells the story of Han Jung Woo (Jo Jung Suk), a star pilot who becomes unemployed overnight but succeeds in getting a new job after a shocking transformation. The film will also mark Jo Jung Suk’s return to the big screen for the first time in five years and raises anticipation for the chemistry of the cast including Lee Joo MyungHan Sun HwaShin Seung Ho, and more.

The newly released stills capture the various sides of characters and moments of unpredictable events. First of all, star pilot Han Jung Woo (Jo Jung Suk), who is always noticed by the public, attempts an unconventional transformation with the help of his younger sister and beauty YouTuber Han Jung Mi (Han Sun Hwa).

More stills below capture Han Jung Woo’s coworkers Yoon Seul Ki (Lee Joo Myung) and Seo Hyun Suk (Shin Seung Ho), raising anticipation for the chemistry they will showcase in the future.


Han Jung Woo disguises himself as his younger sister Han Jung Mi and successfully gets reemployed.

However, the joy is short-lived, and Han Jung Woo is surrounded by many reporters, foreshadowing new challenges that he will face.

“Pilot” will hit theaters on July 31. Check out a teaser for the film here!

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