Baek A Yeon is expecting her first child!

On April 30, the singer personally announced the news of her pregnancy on Instagram.

In addition to sharing several photos, Baek A Yeon posted the following message in Korean:

Hello everyone!
A precious little angel has arrived in our family like a gift!
I couldn’t inform you in advance, but half of this 10-month journey has already passed, and in 5 months, we’ll be able to meet the baby!
Becoming a mom for the first time is even more magnificent and profound than I imagined, and I’ve been experiencing it firsthand every day (feat. thank you, Mom.)
The baby’s nickname is ‘Yongyong,’ and she’s a daughter. While living healthily with Yongyong, I’ll make sure to keep singing my songs for all of you!
Thank you.

Back in March 2023, Baek A Yeon to Instagram shared a handwritten letter on Instagram to announce her marriage. Subsequently, in August 2023, she tied the knot with her non-celebrity husband.

Congratulations to Baek A Yeon and her family!

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