Seok Rakwon has departed ATBO.

On May 6, ATBO’s agency released the following statement:

This is IST Entertainment.

We sincerely thank the fans who love ATBO, and we apologize for having to deliver unfortunate news.

ATBO member Seok Rakwon has departed the group due to health reasons.

In March of this year, Seok Rakwon went on hiatus due to anxiety symptoms and focused on recovering his health.
During his hiatus, we held in-depth discussions with Seok Rakwon about his future activities with the group and within the entertainment industry, but after careful discussion, the decision was made for him to focus more on his recovery with the artist’s health being the top priority.

Hence, Seok Rakwon concludes his activities as ATBO, and ATBO will continue activities with six members.

We once again apologize to fans who must have been surprised by the sudden news.

Although Seok Rakwon’s activities as an ATBO member are coming to an end, please send warm support for the recovery of Seok Rakwon’s health.

Please also show unchanging love and support for the six members who will spare no efforts in order to impress further.

Thank you.

Wishing all the best to Seok Rakwon and the ATBO members!

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