Arthdal Chronicles The Sword of Aramun (아라문의 검: 아스달 연대기) is the newest season of the historical fantasy Kdrama under the same name directed by Kim Kwang-shik. The show brings back the old cast along with many new faces including, Jang Dong-gun, Lee Joon-gi, Shin Sae-kyeong, Kim Ok-bin, Shin Joo-hwan, and Park Hae-joon alongside other cast members.

    Arthdal Chronicles season 2 brings us to eight years after Tagon was crowned King and now a much-awaited war is soon to arrive. While Tagon and Eunseom prepare for a battle to bring in a new dynasty, political wars continue behind the scenes as rebellion, bloodshed and revenge await in the dark. Who will become the ruler of Arthdal and what does the new dynasty behold?

    The show will have 12 episodes and be broadcast on tvN on the Saturday-Sunday slot at 9:20 PM KST time slot previously occupied by The Uncanny Counter season 2. Arthdal Chronicles season 2 episode 4 has a run time of 75 minutes.

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

    Arthdal Chronicles The Sword of Aramun episode 4 begins with Taealha holding a knife against Eunseom’s throat and trying to find out his identity and purpose for taking Saya’s place. However, Eunseom very slyly avoids revealing anything about himself and intrigues her interest by telling her that he can be of use to her and all he wants in exchange is the bronze trading rights.


    Later, Taealha sends her subordinate to find a man who looks like Saya, be it alive or dead. Elsewhere, Tagon questions Eunseom about his testimony only to get a Saya-like answer which diminishes all his doubts. Following their meeting, Eunseom meets Yeolson and Dunji as they discuss getting rid of Eunseom so that the truth about Saya’s twin does not come to light.

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 still


    However, Mungtae notices his shaking hands which makes him suspect the man in front of him. That night, Eunseom leaves for Dotti’s place while thinking about how the Wahan people never thought of him as their own even after having risked his life for them for all these years.

    While distressed, Mungtae follows behind and stops in front of the hut when Dalsae faces him and tries to escape. However, the two get into a brawl and Dalsae tells him about their friend’s death who stabbed himself before reaching their destination eight years back. This leaves Mungtae shocked as he lets go of Dalsae.

    Right then, Eunseom arrives from behind and holds a knife against Mungtae’s neck, ready to kill him. However, Dalsae pleads on Mungtae’s behalf and Eunseom hands over Mungtae’s life to him. The next day, minister Jeungsugae pleads to Tagon to make peace with the queen as he will soon have to step on the battlefield and she is the one who will be left in charge of the city.

    Tagon then gets the news of Prince Arok not being in the palace and he heads to meet Taealha. He tells her that he wants them to make peace and promises to make Arok the heir to the throne after Taealha assures him that “Saya” will hold no ill will against this decision.

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    The news soon reaches Tanya and she is asked to make preparations while Taealha hands over the bronze trading rights to Eunseom. Taealha is now relieved and awaits the time when Arok will be made heir, however, on the day of the ceremony the two get news of the prince’s abduction.


    They soon begin their investigation while Tanya too gets the news of the same through a note which was hidden in her clothes. However, by the time she finally narrows down the suspect, Taealha arrives at the temple and confronts Tanya before beginning her search throughout the temple.

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 Review

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 still


    Meanwhile, Saya hands over the trading rights to Ipsaeng and Dalsae when they get the news of Arok’s abduction and Tanya being held inside the temple. Eunseom tells the two to leave and promises to follow behind soon after he helps Tanya. Elsewhere, Tanya too is holding her own investigation and asks Momyungjin if this was the doing of the White Peak Mountain’s Hearts.

    She tells Tanya that due to their growing influence and Tanya’s refusal to accept the doctrines of the group, there may have been someone who was unhappy and did this. They then think about the person who led the crowd on the day the star bell was revealed and would benefit from this situation.

    Elsewhere, Taealha too thinks of the same thing but knows that Saya is not the one who is behind this incident. However, she finds a message in one of the rooms and confronts Tanya. However, Tanya assures her that she has nothing to do with it and promises to find the prince with her psychic abilities if Taealha lets her go out.

    Taealha does not believe her, however, Tanya proves her abilities which leaves her shocked. On the other hand, Eunseom leaves to find Tanya when a mysterious note makes its way to him. Meanwhile, Tanya manages to leave the temple and finds Parkryangpoong who takes her to a secret place.

    Eunseom is also called to the same place and Parkryangpoong takes them to the tomb of Aramun. Back at the palace, Tagon is told that Asa Sakan has something to tell him which can help him find Arok. There, she tells him the real tale of Aramun’s death and how he was killed by the Asa clan and the Saenyeok Tribe.


    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 Review

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 still

    The tale is told to Tagon as well as to Tanya and Eunseom. Parkryangpoong then tells Tanya that the tomb needs to be opened by the sword, mirror and bell as it holds a secret that needs to be revealed. He then leaves while Tanya tells the confused Eunseom about what he has been talking about.

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    Eunseom opens up the tomb and they find a skeleton inside with a cloth that has been stained in purple blood, thus proving that Aramun was indeed an Igutu. Tanya reveals to Eunseom that he is the reincarnation of Aramun who is back to destroy the world and proof of that is his mother who called him Aramun during her final moments.


    However, even if this is true, Eunseom is now the Inaishingi who is the enemy of Aramun and he has a responsibility towards the Ago people after having taken up that name. Tanya tells him that he needs to stop the bloodshed, however, he tells her that even though they know the truth about Aramun she will not be able to reveal this to the people.

    Tanya tells him that it is only right to not reveal this as Tagon will kill anyone who knows about him being an Igutu. Eunseom tells her that everyone is doing what they think is right and there is no way to stop one another. Meanwhile, Asa Sakan tells Tagon to destroy the sword, mirror and bell before they come together.

    Tagon needs to destroy the mirror and bell before the sword arrives, and also destroy the mirror first before it reflects the sword. Arthdal has been cultivated by the Asa tribe for years and it should not come to an end like this. Tagon listens to her words, however, he is anxious for his son and sees where he is through the last psychic ability that she uses.

    Tagon finds out that his son is Ttaesarichon and rushes to leave but finds out that someone has come to him for the same reason. It is a member of the Bato tribe who has captured Arok for revenge and the man tells Tagon that he needs to come to them alone if he wants his son alive.

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 Review

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 still


    Elsewhere, Tanya and Eulseom get the same news and the latter reveals that Tagon is an Igutu and his blood should not be revealed in front of the people. Tagon heads out to the place he was called while Tanya gathers all the priests of the temple, elsewhere, Taealha too rushes to Ttaesarichon when she finds out about Tagon and heads out to stop him.

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 Ending

    Tagon reaches the hill he had been called to and finds his son with his face covered and tied up while the Bato tribesmen surround him. Tagon soon begins his fight against all the people and carries on the fight even when he is stabbed and purple blood flows out of him. This stuns the remaining tribesmen but they fight him until the end.


    However, Tagon soon finds out that the child is not his son and the remaining tribesman tells him that Arok is in Ttaesarichon and soon to be dead. Tagon rushes to Ttaesarichon with his bleeding abdomen when Taealha finds him and asks him to hide while she leaves to fight the people and save their son.

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    While Taealha fights bravely, she is no match to the number of people trying to kill her and is on the rope’s end when Tagon no longer hides and decides to show up despite the risk of revealing his identity. He too fights them bravely and almost defeats them all when more tribesmen arrive and try to push their God’s statue to fall onto Arok.

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 Review

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 still


    Tagon and Taealha are desperate at this moment when Eunseom arrives like a ray of hope and helps Tagon save Arok and fight back the enemies. Right then, the Arthdal soldiers arrive making the tribesmen retreat, however, they see the purple blood flowing from Tagon, Eunseom and Arok.

    This leaves them shocked, but right then Tanya arrives with all her priests and followers with the words of Airuju. She tells them that Airuju took her to the grave and Aramun and she herself has seen the purple blood in his tomb which proves that Aramun was an Igutu. Thus, she approves the doctrines of the White Peak Mountain’s Hearts.

    With this, the sacred purple blood of Aramun has been bestowed upon the heirs of Arthdal which is seen flowing from Tagon, Eunseom and Arok. While cheers resound through the air, Tagon sees Saya’s words come to life in this moment.

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 Review

    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 still


    Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 Review

    Arthdal Chronicles The Sword of Aramoon episode 4 has been one heck of a ride and this is yet just the first half of this amazing season. We saw some more changes in the characters today and Eunseom saw them with us during the meeting with the Wahan men. This was really a heartbreaking moment in many ways because there is no doubt that all he did till now was for the people whom he thought of as his own.

    Meanwhile, it looks like Tagon and Taealha are ready to give us another jaw-dropping adventure with their dangerous passion and love that cannot be more risky. This couple really heats up my blood with their crazy passion which is always a pleasure to watch. However, Asa Sakan’s words may soon put Saya in grave danger.

    On the other hand, today’s episode also showed me how Tanya too has changed in many ways along with the other Wahan people. With her in a way looking down upon the Ago tribesmen, she is also repellant to the changes Eunseom is trying to bring in his own way.

    Altogether, this was still another amazing episode and the week-long wait for the next episode is going to be quite hard.