ONE PACT’s agency has announced that the new boy group’s collaboration with Kangnam has come to an end.

On May 21, ARMADA ENT. released the following statement:


We are making an announcement regarding ONE PACT’s collaboration with Kangna,

It was agreed that ONE PACT and Kangnam would work together up until the end of [ONE PACT’s] debut project, and because the agreed-upon time period has ended as of January 2024, we came to a mutual agreement that their collaboration would end.

We sincerely thank the fans who have given so much love and interest [to ONE PACT] up until now, and we ask that you continue to give lots of support to ONE PACT’s and Kangnam’s respective activities in the future as well.

Thank you.

ONE PACT, a new boy group made up of five former “Boys Planet” contestants, officially made their debut last November.

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