Singer Anda has started a family!

On May 3, Anda personally revealed on Instagram that she had gotten pregnant last year and had subsequently tied the knot with her then-boyfriend.

The singer also shared several beautiful photos from her wedding shoot, which you can check out below!

Anda’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is Anda.
You must have been worried due to not hearing from me for some time.
It’s my first time updating you in a long while, but I have some unexpected news to suddenly share with you.

Because I wanted to greet you with news about my music or a new album, I felt so sorry about sharing this kind of unexpected news instead, so I wound up spending too much time worrying about how to share this news with you.

Last year, a baby angel found its way to me and a precious person that I had been meeting with positive feelings, and we wound up tying the knot and getting married that winter.

Because I could not put it off any longer, I am mustering the courage to tell you this.

I plan to start the new life of Anda 2.0 as a singer, mother, and wife!
You must have been surprised by this sudden news, but I’d be grateful if you could look kindly upon us and cheer us on.

In order to repay your love, I will work even harder in various areas and try to communicate actively with you in the future. Thank you.


Congratulations to Anda and her husband!

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