aespa’s Ningning unexpectedly sat out yesterday’s “K-Wave Concert Inkigayo” due to health concerns.

On June 2, SM Entertainment announced that Ningning would not be joining her bandmates on stage for aespa’s performance at the “K-Wave Concert Inkigayo” in Incheon later that day. The agency explained that after exhibiting symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion during rehearsal, she had gone to the hospital, where she was advised by a doctor that she “needed plenty of rest and stability.”

SM Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

We are informing you that aespa’s Ningning will not be participating in today’s scheduled performance at the K-Wave concert.

During rehearsal, Ningning exhibited symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion, so she immediately went to the hospital, and the doctor advised her that she needed plenty of rest and stability.

Therefore, we are letting you know that Ningning will inevitably be unable to participate in this K-Wave performance, and we apologize for giving the fans cause for concern with this sudden news.

We consider our artist’s health and safety our top priority, and we will do our utmost to ensure that she can focus entirely on her recovery.

Thank you.

Get well soon, Ningning!

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