ae-aespa Members Profile & ae Dictionary

æ-æspa (æ-에스파) are the avatars of the girl group, aespa. They are living on the planet of KWANGYA and are the hidden members of aespa.


Name: ae-KARINA (stylized as æ-karina)
Species: Avatar
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Dark Purple

ae-KARINA Facts:
– She was first revealed during a press conference on October 28, 2020. She and Karina together are referred to as MY KARINA.
– She can speak both Korean and English.
– She met Karina on SYNK and were brought together by NAVIS.


Name: ae-GISELLE (stylized as æ-giselle)
Species: Avatar
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde

ae-GISELLE Facts:
– She was revealed on November 6, 2020 during the SYNK, GISELLE video.
– She is the third avatar to be revealed after ae-WINTER.


Name: ae-WINTER (stylized as æ-winter)
Species: Avatar
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Blonde/Pink

ae-WINTER Facts:
– She was first revealed on November 4, 2020 in the video SYNK, WINTER. She and Winter together are referred to as MY WINTER.
– She is the second Avatar to be revealed after æ-KARINA.
– She is the only member where the ae-version of herself has the same hair color as her debut color (bleached blonde).


Name: ae-NINGNING (stylized as æ-ningning)
Species: Avatar
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde/Purple

ae-NINGNING Facts:
– She was revealed on November 9, 2020 in the video SYNK, NINGNING. Her and Ningning together are referred to as MY NINGNING.
– She was the final avatar to be revealed after æ-GISELLE.

ae-aespa Dictionary:

Name: NAVIS (stylized as nævis)
Species: AI System
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Black

Who is nævis?
– She is an AI system that helps the avatars of aespa appear in the real world.
– She was first revealed in the MY, KARINA teaser video.
– She was also featured in the group’s Black Mamba promotional images.

An another-self in a virtual world who thinks and lives on its own way. Even though humans are sometimes unaware of their own æ, there are cases when they interact.


Type: Virtual World
Location: Beyond the FLAT

What is Kwangya?
– Kwangya (광야) is a word in Korean meaning ‘wilderness.’ Wilderness means the wilds, waste, jungle, or desert.
– KWANGYA is a world where the avatars live.
– An infinite digital world beyond the FLAT with no rule or form.


– SYNK is how the aespa members and their avatars communicate with each other.
– It is currently assumed that SYNK will also be released as a mobile application for fans.

A phenomenon in which the SYNK of the human and the æ are forcibly cut off.

A state in which humans and æs’ consciousnesses are synchronized.


– REKALL is when æs cross over to the real world.
– REKALL time is the time aespa’s avatar members and real members spend together in the real world.
– In the MY, KARINA video, æ-KARINA said that she wished REKALL time would never end. At the end of the video, she was sadly pulled back to her AI world when REKALL time was over.

– The place where the members could co-exist with their æs.
– The FLAT is the digital world where æs live.

– The portal that ae-aespa go through in order to cross over into the real world.
– Short for “Port of Soul,”  or P.O.S is a portal that connects the FLAT with the real world.


– In KWANGYA, MY means “most precious friend” and “sister.”
– It’s also the fandom name of aespa.
– When aespa and æ-aespa SYNK, they become MY.
– The way they called each other.

– The sea of unconscious.
– A limitless medium that connects dimensions to dimensions, people within people, emotions within emotions.

– Brand new thing from what existed.

Black Mamba

– The Black Mamba is the evil entity, often embodied as a snake, in KWANGYA that disconnects aespa and æ-aespa’s SYNK.
– Black Mamba is trying to destroy KWANGYA. It’s the villain.

– aespa’s energy potential.
– A song of aespa.

KOSMOA transcendent space beyond KWANGYA not even aespa have yet reached.
– Another universe; a place that both aespa and NCT are desperate to reach.

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