ADOR has announced its plans to take strong legal action against malicious posts about NewJeans.

On June 5, ADOR released a formal statement requesting that fans submit reports regarding malicious comments and posts about the NewJeans members.

The agency’s full English statement is as follows:

Hello, this is ADOR.

We are consistently monitoring various communities with regard to malicious comments, ill-intentioned viral marketing, slander, insults, and defamation by spreading groundless information about NewJeans. In particular, we are aware of the recent increase in anonymous malicious posts targeting the members.

As a result, we are currently preparing legal action including civil and criminal lawsuits, and would also like to mention that no settlements or leniency will be extended to the perpetrators of such actions.

We plan to use all possible means to track such posts on anonymous communities that are generally difficult to detect, and will take legal action accordingly.

Below is information on submitting reports of actions that infringe upon the rights of NewJeans. We ask you to report such activities, including malicious posts, to the official ADOR email hotline for legal affairs ([email protected]).

We are always grateful for your support,
And will continue to work to ensure that the rights of NewJeans members are protected.

Thank you.