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ADOR has criticized HYBE’s coercive and unlawful audit practices amid their ongoing dispute. On May 10th, ADOR issued a statement revealing, “Until early this morning, ADOR staff suffered due to HYBE’s audit team conducting an illegal audit based on unreasonable allegations.”

The statement continued, “On the evening of May 9th, after regular working hours had ended, HYBE’s audit team began auditing ADOR’s head of style directing. This audit lasted for over five hours, continuing past midnight into May 10th. The team even followed to the employee’s home, demanding access to their personal laptop and non-company-issued mobile phone, crossing the boundaries of a professional audit.”

Additionally, ADOR claimed, “They abused their authority by psychologically pressuring our staff with unreasonable threats like ‘failure to cooperate will require a trip to the police station.’ Despite being informed of an early morning schedule, this coercive audit behavior clearly obstructed business operations.”

Moreover, ADOR accused HYBE’s management of lacking understanding of the industry, stating, “The claim that ’embezzlement and breach of trust are clear’ despite no procedural or substantive issues proves that HYBE’s executives do not understand their own business. This audit method also violates laws on obstruction of business, coercion, and invasion of privacy.”

The statement further emphasized the psychological toll on their staff, noting, “The employee in question is currently experiencing severe anxiety and mental distress. We plan to revoke consent to use the personal data obtained during this coercive five-hour ordeal and are considering filing charges for obstruction of business and coercion. HYBE’s management demonstrates a lack of understanding of industry practices by prematurely labeling legitimate transactions as embezzlement. It’s easy to see who is causing inefficiency and obstructing business operations under the guise of an audit.”


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