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Actress Song Da Eun has firmly denied any involvement in the Burning Sun scandal.

On Sunday, Song Da Eun took to her Instagram to address the rumors, stating, “​​ I have never engaged in any behavior related to ‘club drugs’ or any ‘drug-related behaviors’ that’s been following me around for the past few years.” She continued, “I want to clarify my involvement with Monkey Museum.”

Song Da Eun explained that she first met Seungri while dining with a friend. “From that encounter, we stayed in touch, and when he opened the lounge club, he asked for my help. I agreed, thinking it wouldn’t be a big issue,” she said. She further clarified her role at Monkey Museum: “My job was to check the reservations on a laptop and put wristbands on guests.”

She noted that she left the job after a month but photos taken during that time resurfaced after her appearance on the dating show Heart Signal, leading to false rumors. “I was labeled as someone who worked at Monkey Museum for over a year and then at Burning Sun, which is not true,” she stressed. “I want to clarify that I never worked at Burning Sun, did not help lure other women there, did not engage in any bad behavior, nor did I date anyone related to Burning Sun.”

Song Da Eun shared the emotional toll these rumors have taken on her. “A few days ago, another actress spoke about the six years she had lost, and I felt the same. I was dropped from all the dramas I was cast in, couldn’t continue with commercials or radio shows, and spent every day in despair and tears. Even now, false accusations follow me like a shadow, making me feel incredibly heavy and distressed,” she revealed.

Emphasizing her homebody lifestyle, she pleaded, “Please stop speculating that I’m a ‘club girl’ or involved with drugs. I’m just a regular woman in my 30s who wants to live happily without negative labels. I hope this message clears up many misunderstandings.”

Song Da Eun, who gained popularity through Channel A’s Heart Signal Season 2, faced controversy due to her known friendship with Seungri. Recently, she sparked dating rumors with BTS’s Jimin with her Instagram posts.


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