“Dare to Love Me” star Lee Yoo Young is becoming a mother!

On July 3, Lee Yoo Young’s agency ACE FACTORY released an official statement announcing the actress’s marriage and pregnancy as below:


This is Lee Yoo Young’s agency ACE FACTORY.

First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has been watching and supporting Lee Yoo Young’s activities.

We would like to deliver the marriage news of Lee Yoo Young.

Lee Yoo Young registered her marriage with her non-celebrity husband in May of this year, and they have officially become a married couple.

The two, who became a married couple based on deep affection and trust for each other, will become parents this coming September. As the date is approaching, there are no plans for a separate wedding ceremony at this time.

We would appreciate your warm interest and congratulatory messages for Lee Yoo Young, who will embark on a new chapter in her life both as a wife and a mother.

Thank you.



Congratulations to Lee Yoo Young!

Watch Lee Yoo Young in her recent drama “Dare to Love Me” below:

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Top Photo Credit: ACE FACTORY