Realizing that everyone close to us is on different paths can often make us feel alone and lost and it’s precisely when life seems out of control and overwhelming that I know I can always turn to a good Kdrama, which offers me a pleasant respite from my own thoughts. These stories of love and friendship among young people reflect our own experiences and can often help us feel less alone in our daily struggles.

Here are 8 inspiring K-dramas that resonate with young adults.

  • Hello my Twenties/Age of Youth

8 inspiring K-dramas that resonate with young adults K-Selection

The story is that of five young girls in their twenties, from different backgrounds and lifestyles, sharing the same dormitory and trying to understand their contradictory dynamics and their individual struggles. As scary as it can be to live alone for the first time, it always feels good to have a good group of friends who will support you.

This heartwarming Kdrama about family and strong friendships is sure to make you laugh and cry in equal measure and it will give you a glimpse into the daily lives of twenty-something girls while highlighting the importance of having a good support system as you grow up.

  • Because This is My First Life

Because This Is My First Life

The solution when you’re struggling to rent a home, pay off your mortgage, and are constantly hounded by society’s expectations that you get married at a certain age? Of course, it’s signing a marriage contract of convenience with your roommate.

A k-drama that is both hilarious and informative, Because This is My First Life tackles the realities of financial and emotional struggles young adults go through, marriage as an institution, healing from past relationships, and how to make the most of it. the best out of the worst that life has in store for us.

  • Record of Youth

8 inspiring K-dramas that resonate with young adults K-Selection

For those looking for a refreshing change of pace in the romantic comedy genre, this is the Kdrama for you.

In Record of Youth, we discover the stories of young aspiring professional actors, models and makeup artists who struggle to realize their dreams and their relationships in a generation where dreams have become a luxury. It also gives us an inside look at how the entertainment industry works as well as the people who work hard behind the scenes to bring our favorite shows to life.

  • Run on

run on jtbc netflix

Run On brings comfort to viewers who have struggled in their careers by showing them that it’s completely okay to pursue a new dream, regardless of your age or level of success in your previous field of endeavor. This Kdrama shows that as scary as it may seem, it is entirely possible to make a fresh start and run towards a new dream with people who will love and support you throughout your journey.

  • My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes

With its slow, yet resounding pace, this K-drama beautifully depicts the mundane daily lives of three siblings as well as their struggles to fit in and form meaningful relationships. This Kdrama main goal is to free us from our stagnant and boring lives.

  • Fight for my Way

8 inspiring K-dramas that resonate with young adults K-Selection

Fight for My Way is about a group of friends who aspire to do more than their 9 to 5 job. The budding relationship and hilarious banter between the characters makes the series very entertaining and full of memorable moments.

  • Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One netflix

Growing up in a time where dreams seem impossible, an ambitious young fencer befriends a hardworking journalist who is trying to rebuild his life and his former reputation. The financial crisis they experienced at the start of their brilliant careers forced them both to reconsider their initial goals.

As they support each other’s dreams and strive to succeed in their respective fields, they overcome various internal and external obstacles and emerge from it. The series gives young adults hope to keep dreaming, no matter what.

  • The Sound of Magic

Hwang In-Yeop Compares Himself to The Sound of Magic's Na Il-Deung

The Sound of Magic is a coming-of-age story about overcoming hardship and prejudice while learning to pursue your own dreams. In this Kdrama, we find a young high school student whose life seems to be nothing but a series of unfortunate events, her rival and classmate, as well as a mysterious and enigmatic magician who lives in an abandoned amusement park. Beyond the fantasy of fairy tales lies a darker, hard-hitting truth about child manipulation, poverty, bullying, murder, madness, and societal, familial, and academic pressures.

The plot, as fantastical as it is realistic, arouses the interest of young adults whose lives have been dictated by adults and directly appeals to the innocence and wonder of childhood that we all once felt.

Which of these K-dramas did you enjoy the most?