If you feel like you’ve gone through all the K-drama content you’re interested in, know that there’s a bigger world filled with various TV series that you haven’t explored yet. These are Korean web dramas, that is to say short but sweet stories that are fun but won’t take up much of your time.

Among all the online programs currently available, it can be difficult to know where to start and that’s why we’ve rounded up some official Youtube channels that offer exactly what you’re looking for to help you get started watching Korean web dramas .

7 YouTube Channels to Watch Korean Kdramas Online for Free K-Selection

They are completely free, which means there is no need to pay a subscription! Just visit their channels and watch them at your leisure!

  • Global Playlist

xx hani

With over 1,5 million subscribers, Playlist Global is one of the most famous Korean web drama channels and fans of their series can enjoy updates and new episodes twice a week, every Thursday and Saturdays. It is especially for the broadcast of A-teen, a series centered on friends, whose two seasons have been viewed more than 300 million times, that the broadcasting station is best known.

The series even “created fashion and beauty trends” among South Korean youth during its broadcast. Playlist Global also offers Love Playlist, a college romance drama, and XX, a thrilling 10-part series led by Exid’s Hani.

  • Studio DIA

For those who are looking for more intriguing love stories, we recommend trying Studio Dia’s web dramas. Among the best known series are Will Be Okay, Never Die, What to Do with You, and My Dog-Like Dating which is a fantasy miniseries centered on an unemployed young woman who tends to be too affectionate, which causes her boyfriends to dump her. It was then after a breakup that she was comforted one day by a dog who, without her knowing it, was in fact a human capable of transforming into an animal.

  • Goofy K-Drama

7 YouTube Channels to Watch Korean Kdramas Online for Free K-Selection

As a more versatile channel, Dingo K-Drama incorporates K-pop and other Korean culture-related videos into its content. However, those who prefer to receive more webdrama-focused notifications can subscribe to their YouTube channel called Goofy Story. Their latest releases include Miss Independent Ji Eun, a coming-of-age and daily life series, and the romantic comedy Like, a high school drama.

  • KOK TV

King of Korean TV, abbreviated as KOKTV, ranks with Playlist Global as the most popular studio for web drama content, with a growing number of 1,5 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. Their most notable series is the teen drama Best Mistake, which is actually based on a famous video game and centers on Kim Yeon Do who, in an attempt to get rid of an unpopular suitor, posts a photo of a random boy on his social networks pretending that he is her boyfriend, without knowing that he is in fact the official delinquent of their school. KOKTV also broadcasts One Fine Week, Real:Time:Love and Have a Nice Dessert.

  • tvN D STORY

tvN D Story is another popular web drama channel on YouTube and some of its most-watched titles include The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen and Necessary Dating Education. If the first deals with a love story between high school students at the end of their cycle and features beginner actors, the second takes place at university and counts three K-pop idols in its roles, namely Chuu from Loona, Seo Ham of KNK and Jang Gyu Ri of Fromis 9.

  • Lifetime

In addition to K-pop-related content, Lifetime’s YouTube channel also offers its share of web dramas, including Who Kissed Me (Kiss Scene in Yeonnamdong), a friend romance drama, and The Mermaid Prince, a series fantasy romances with Moon Bin from the K-pop group Astro.

  • Big Picture Mart

Big Picture Mart is a little-known production line you might want to check out and its most recent series is a 12-episode musical romance drama called Big Picture House. Like a number of web dramas mentioned above, the miniseries features Korean singers, including Kim Jae Hyun and Lee Seung Hyub of the rock group N.Flying, and Seo Yuna of the group Ace of Angels (AOA) girls.

The series revolves around five aspiring idols who failed to debut and now live together under one roof. It is then together that they learn from their failures and pursue their dreams.

So, are you interested in watching Korean web dramas for free on these YouTube channels?